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    1.8m Dia Larch Tub is ready for delivery to Melbourne, VIC

    Ukko Larch hot tub
    Factory test fitted Larch tub

    We’ve just finished test fitting 1.8m diameter Larch tub for customer in Melbourne, Vic.

    This tub was custom made with no step down per customer’s request:
    Ukko Larch tub top view
    Top view on the tub with octagonal bench arrangement and no step-down
    This tub was also modified to connect hybrid system – gas heater and 6kW electric heater to run filtration and 8 air jets. Plus it has electronic sanitazation Ozonator and UV systems integrated in to the tub with Ozonator jet hole made at the bottom of the tub. This way ozone covers more water when passing to the top and works more efficiently.
    Ukko 1.8m dia tub with jets
    1.8m dia tub with 8 jets, extra return for gas heater and ozon/UV fittings
    It also was ordered with WiFi module to enable mobile control via any devise (Apple or Android):
    Ukko WiFi module
    WiFi module to control the tub via Internet. Ideal for holiday homes
    We are putting this tub on to the pallet (flat packed) for delivery next week:
    Ukko hot tub pallet
    Tub flat packed on to the pallet for transportation
    Want your tub to be customized to your specifications? Give us a call on:

    0425 230 785

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