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Ukko Gas Heated Cedar Hot Tubs

Hottub Gazebo

These tubs come complete with Natural or Propane Gas heater. Gas heating is one of the fastest ways to heat up your tub. Prices start from $15,990. (Starting price is for 1.4m dia tub. Please allow extra $770 for every next size up.)

Staves Jets Bathers Diameter Volume
39 4 4 ~1.4m 1550L
45 6 6 ~1.6m 2050L
51 8 8 ~1.8m 2620L
58 10 10 ~2.1m 3400L

Note: As a manufacturer, we can make your tub to fit in to your space by simply adding or removing few staves. Please contact us if you require your tub to be of different size to the ones above.


  • Pre-assembled floor with pressure treated joists
  • 38mm thick Cedar Staves @ 1.2m height
  • 3x304L grade stainless steel straps with rods & nuts
  • Hexagonal bi-level hand finished seats with step-down
  • 99mm Marine grade vinyl cover with child proof locks
  • Adjustable commercial hydro massage jets
  • Top skimmer and bottom suction
  • Adjustable silent air control valves
  • RayPack Natural/Propane gas heater with timer
  • Variable speed pump with controls
  • Filter and cartridge
  • All plumbing including PVC pipes, valves and connections
  • Assembly manuals (DYI, level of difficulty 9/10)

Optional Extras:

  • Ozonator with Mazzei Venturi: $695
  • UV lamp assembly: $1,100
  • Make Ozonator ready: $299
  • Make UV ready: $159
  • Octagonal benching (for bigger tubs): $550
  • Cedar shelving around the tub: $1,100
  • Cedar equipment enclosure: $1,350
  • Custom made Cedar stairs (3 steps): $1,190


Tub Natural Gas or Propane Heater

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