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    2.2m Dia Ukko Tub is ready for delivery to QLD!

    Ukko Q-Series Larch Tub
    Huge 2.2m dia Larch tub test fitted in Sussex Inlet and ready for delivery!
    This Larch hot tub is featuring electric heater with custom made shelf for controls:
    Shelf for tub controls
    Custom made shelf for tub controls
    In case you are wondering what is what, we’ve put a picture below showing what those controls are:
    Hot Tub controls
    Digital and tub air jets controls
    This tub was ordered with standard hexagonal benching and step down:
    Hot tub step down
    Custom made step down for larger tub with three boards instead of two.
    And we also made rebated holes for all tub fittings – jets, skimmer/suction and Ozon jet. We did that because tub staves are half round on the outside so all the fittings are attached flat to the tub staves:
    Tub holes made flat for fittings
    This is a picture of a recessed jet hole for a perfect fit to the tub.

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