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Barrel Sauna in Koonwarra, VIC

Ukko Cedar Barrel Sauna
Ukko Cedar Barrel Sauna
Last week our team traveled to Koonwarra in Victoria to install Cedar custom made barrel sauna. This sauna was custom designed with overall length of 3m and 2.1m in diameter.
Sauna Support
Solid cradle system made from treated pine provides strong support for the sauna.
Extra exterior sitting area (little porch) with seats was designed upon customer request so that bathers can relax after sauna session. For the best sauna experience, we’ve made traditional sauna door with the small window and roller catch.
Cedar Traditional sauna door
Cedar Traditional sauna door with handles and roller catch
Below are some pictures taken during sauna installation:
Bottom staves assembly
Bottom staves assembly
Mounting front of the sauna
Mounting front of the barrel sauna with the door
Front of the sauna
Mounting front of the sauna – back view
Almost there
Almost there… few more staves to place…
Final touch
Final touch before placing stainless steel rings…
Rings in place
Barrel is done with rings in place…