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Barrel Sauna in Melbourne, VIC

2.7m Barrel Sauna
Ukko 2.7m in length Barrel Sauna with overhang and front bench
This is our top of the range barrel sauna with big window at the back for scenic views.
Sauna views from inside
Inside the sauna room – 2 benches, heater and big window…
This one was built with traditional Cedar sauna door and front seat under overhang. The inside of the sauna is about 2m long giving enough space to comfortably lay down in the sauna (unless you are a basketball player :)).
Front view of Ukko Barrel Sauna
Front view of the barrel…
Inside the sauna we’ve installed our own hand made Cedar lampshade to provide bathers with warm and relaxing atmosphere.
Sauna lampshade in Western Red Cedar
Ukko sauna lampshade made out of matching Canadian Cedar.
Lampshade with fitted light
Sauna light at work.
If you are one of sauna enthusiasts and love something different, now is a good time to order your very own barrel sauna…
Barrel sauna with traditional door
One more picture of the Barrel from another angle…

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