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    Barrel Sauna installed in Central Coast, NSW

    Ukko 2.7m barrel sauna
    2.7m Ukko Barrel sauna with front seat & overhang
    It was one of these winter days when the sun was shining, the air was warm and we enjoyed our trip to Woongarrah in Central coast. The sauna that we were bringing to install was 2.7m long barrel with overhang and front seat, wood fired heater and LED lights. Our new design to make it easier to deliver made it possible to put all the parts and long 2.7m staves in our Toyota HiAce without using roof wrecks. This is how to assemble both back and front walls of your Ukko barrel sauna when supplied flat pack:
    Two parts of sauna back wall
    Barrel sauna back wall in two halves
    Take two halves of the supplied back wall and connect them together:  
    Back wall assembly
    Connecting two parts together
    Now all you have to do is to screw two supporting planks in to the back wall:
    Back wall assembly final
    Screwing planks in to the back wall
    This is how back wall looks like fully assembled:
    Assembled sauna back wall
    Sauna back wall fully assembled
    Do the same with the front wall:
    Saun front wall assembly
    Lay down parts of the front wall for assembly
    Screw all parts together with supplied screws:  
    Front wall assembly
    Connecting all front wall details together
    Front wall assembled
    Sauna front wall fully assembled
    Now you are ready to install the sauna starting with the base:
    Sauna base assembly
    Lay down all base parts on the floor
    Sauna base assembly final
    Screw all parts together with supplied hex screws
    Place bottom staves first and slide back and front walls in to the grooves:
    Putting sauna back wall
    Put back and front walls in to position so that they are leveled
    Continue with staves until the barrel is assembled:
    Installing sauna staves
    Sauna staves half way through
    Barrel staves assembly
    Almost there 🙂
    Ukko barrel sauna assembled
    Barrel assembled and ready for the rings
    Now, just tighten the rings, put benches and a heater and your sauna is ready!
    Tightening rings
    Tightening stainless steel rings
    Wood fired heater
    Wood fired heater mounted in sauna
    Now all you need is wood and start the burner :):
    Wood fire heater at work
    You can also enjoy flames in the burner
    Few more pictures of the sauna:  
    First sauna try at 85 degrees an lots of steam
    First sauna try at 85 degrees and lots of steam
    Beer after sauna
    First beer after relaxing sauna 🙂
    Chimney and cap
    Chimney and cap