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    Barrel Sauna Options

    Many people have asked about barrel sauna options and we decided to explain a bit more what you can order as extras for your barrel sauna. First of all it’s a door. As a standard, your sauna comes with glass door in Cedar frame:
    Standard glass door in Cedar frame
    Standard glass sauna door in Cedar frame.
    Then, there’s an option to have traditional sauna door with small window:
    Ukko Barrel Sauna
    This sauna has traditional Cedar door
    You can also order your sauna with curved door and round window:
    Ukko Traditional sauna door with round window
    Traditional curved sauna door with round window
    The back of the sauna could be all Cedar panels or you can choose to have a window at the back like in this one:
    Ukko barrel sauna back wall with window
    Sauna with window at the back for views
    If you have views – this is a great option. In this sauna we were looking at kangaroos:
    Back window
    Back window for beautiful scenic views
    You can also have your back wall as a specially made acrylic dome for even better views:
    Sauna with bubble dome
    Sauna with bubble (the most expensive option starts from $4,700)
    Another alternative to an acrylic bubble dome is full toughened glass wall:
    Barrel sauna touhened glass wall
    Back wall is full toughened glass (starts from $1,790)
    You can have overhang with one or two front benches to relax after sauna session:
    Barrel sauna with overhang and front benches
    Sauna with overhang and front seats
    And we can also supply bitumen shingles to protect top of your barrel sauna from rain:
    Sauna with bitumen shingles
    Bitumen shingles
    Barrel saunas come in different length. Standard sauna lengths are:
    • 1500mm
    • 1800mm
    • 2100mm
    • 2400mm
    • 2700mm
    • 3000mm
    We can make it to any size in between. Standard sauna diameter is 1.82m and 2.1m. Again we can make any diameter in between just let us know if you need different size. All barrel saunas come with full width left and right benches:
    Barrel sauna benches
    Barrel sauna benches (for private saunas, we are using Cedar decking panels. The benches above are done for commercial use with 140x30mm planks)
    Floor duckboard:
    Sauna floor duckboard
    Sauna floor duckboard
    Air vents (one in front for air out and one at the back where heater is for air in):
    Barrel sauna air vent
    Front air vent (on top near the door)
    And of course, all sauna standard accessories are included:
    • Electric or wood fired heater with rocks
    • Sauna light fitting (we do not supply bulbs)
    • Sauna thermometer
    • Sauna bucket with ladle
    There are more options available as well such as LED mood light set, curved bench in to the dome and L-shape benches.

    For more information call us on

    0425 230 785