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    Production schedule End of 2016 is approaching fast. Below is our schedule for the next three months:
    • All orders received by the end of the first week of November will be delivered before holidays.
    • All orders received after will be delivered by the end of January beginning of February 2017.
    • Factory will be closed from Dec 19th, 2016.
    • All works will resume from Jan 16th, 2017.

    If you would like to get your tub or sauna before holidays you need to act now!

    Place order before Nov 5th for delivery this year

    Call us today on 0425 230 785

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    Ukko Larch Barrel Sauna
    2.1m long at 2m diameter barrel sauna with small porch
    Today we test fitted our European Larch barrel sauna for customer in Sydney. It will come together with our Larch tub 🙂 too. This sauna features small top overhang and traditional sauna door. It will be supplied with electric sauna heater and all accessories including sauna light fitting. We’ve put below steps involved in this sauna assembly:  
    Sauna cradle and base staves are installed..
    Ukko Barrel Sauna Front and Back Walls
    Sauna front wall and back wall are fitted..
    Ukko Larch Barrel sauna assembly
    Sauna is a bit more than half way…
    Ukko Barrel Sauna door
    Door is hang and opens OK 🙂
    Ukko European Larch Barrel Sauna
    And the test fit is done. What’s left is to put the stainless steel rings and tighten them up..
    Ukko Larch Barrel back wall
    This is sauna back wall in case you were wondering..
    Larch is much stronger and heavier timber so we had to put extra two planks to support back wall better. The planks on the cradle will go off. They are there just to support cradle until sauna is fully installed. Want to know more? Please call us on:

    0425 230 785

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    Ukko Cedar Barrel Sauna
    Ukko Cedar 2.4m long at 1.8m dia barrel sauna is going to Gold Coast, QLD
    It is Saturday but we had to work and finish test fit of our popular Canadian Western Red Cedar barrel sauna. Maxim, our customer, is coming over tomorrow to pick it up and we had to make sure that it’s all fitted properly :).
    Ukko Barrel sauna assembly
    Sauna is half way done. Base staves are in. Front and back walls are in too..
    Ukko Barrel sauna assembly
    The same half way through sauna but from another angle..
    Customer ordered traditional sauna door. The reason is that his house does not have enough power for 8kW electric sauna heater and maximum he can go for is only 6.0Kw.
    Traditional timber door holds heat much better (a bit of cost but way less than upgrading house power supply).
    Ukko traditional sauna door
    Traditional sauna door is mounted to the door jamb..
    As always, all our saunas are fitted with two benches along sauna walls:
    Ukko barrel sauna top view
    Sauna benches are fitted along with floor duck board and heater guard rail..
    Still few staves to go and maybe no need for filler stave:
    Ukko Barrel sauna assembly
    Ooh.. just a bit more to go..
    Well, filler stave it is and sauna is done:
    Ukko barrel sauna
    Sauna is finally done and dusted. Ready to be picked up and go to its new home..

    We always get questions like how much..

    Here it is with traditional door 1.8m dia at 2.4m length, electric heater with built-in controls, heater guard rail, two benches, floor duck board, air vents, sauna light fitting, sauna cradle, bucket, ladle and thermometer – $12,490.

    Want to order yours? Call us on:

    0425 230 785

    Ukko barrel sauna
    2.7m long Ukko Cedar barrel sauna with overhang, curved traditional door with round window and front seat to relax after sauna session
    We are packing this custom made sauna for a client in Brisbane. It features 600mm overhang, front seat, and big window at the back for relaxing views:
    Barrel sauna back wall
    Window at the back sauna wall for scenic views
    This is how this barrel sauna looks from inside:
    Barrel sauna inside
    Two benches along each sauna sides with Cedar head rests
    Sauna front with towel
    Look, we’ve hang the towel to make it look more inviting 🙂
    Oh, and it will be supplied with electric heater and bitumen shingles to protect it from the rain
    Want to order your sauna today? Call us on 0425 230 785 for more information.
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