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    Ukko Barrel Sauna
    1.5m long Ukko Barrel sauna with 3kW heater.
    “We have assembled the Sauna- that was easy because of the EXCELLENT clear and concise instructions. It LOOKS fantastic and works brilliantly. The Electrician that powered it up for us was in awe of it.
    The smell is divine – we have it on our back verandah so we can smell it through the house. What more can I say than, after my first sauna today I feel fantastic.
    THANK YOU and I will be recommending UKKO saunas to every one. Very happy customers!” – wrote Von & Mike S. owners of Ukko Cedar barrel sauna.
    Half glass sauna door
    Sauna front View with half glass sauna door.

    Few more points to share:

    1. It looks small on the outside but large on the inside. We have it on our back verandah for so many reasons and it doesn’t take up that much space. BUT I can still sit 4 people inside or 2 of us can lay down.
    2. The smell throughout the house is simply FANTASTIC.
    3. I have it on the verandah so that I can use it in privacy when ever I feel like it.
    4. WHAT a SUPER place for a conversation ‘pit’ – we have some wonderful discussions in here.
    5. I LOVE the fact that I can turn it off and it still stays hot enough for a continued sauna for at least 15 mins. ( We only have it set to 1/2 temperature.)
    6. Only had it going for about a week and I can already feel my skin improvement.
    7. It is SO relaxing. I am sleeping better when I have a sauna at night.
    8. Our electrician has set it up so that we can move it around if we so desire and can get some strong people to help us.
    THANKS I have wanted one of these for so long. Tried the Infrared ones and they just don’t have the same affect.

    2.1m long Ukko barrel sauna with half glass door
    At Ukko we constantly improving our designs as we receive customers feedback. This 2.1m long barrel sauna walls are assembled with vertical Cedar logs making it tighter and stronger fit. Our 1/2 half glass door looks fantastic and nicely integrates in to overall sauna look. 2.1m is a preferred size for most our customers since it provides plenty of space inside. And with the full wide benches you can completely lay down and let go of your daily troubles:
    Inside Ukko sauna
    Inside Ukko barrel sauna
    Real Canadian Cedar components of all Ukko barrel saunas ensure a beautiful appearance inside and out, and the experience of a true Finnish Hot Rock Sauna!
    You also can enjoy your very own real traditional hot rock sauna today! All it takes is to contact us for a quote..

    Ukko Round Sauna
    1.5m long Ukko Barrel sauna with 3.0kW heater
    It’s been long two weeks for us since the start of the Brisbane Home Show. We manufactured 4 person tub with enclosure and steps. We made the smallest so far barrel sauna as above. Then we’ve spend until 5 o’clock in the morning packing everything up in to our minivan 5 days before the show. We’ve stopped in Grafton on the way to Brisbane to install 6 person hot tub. The list goes on and on… The great news is that our small round hot rock sauna found its home during the show plus we have few more to make… We never made barrel saunas at 1.5m length before as we thought it would be too small. Well, it turned out we were wrong – this sauna is in demand!
    It is quite big inside to fit 2-3 people and does not take too much space from the backyard. Plus 3kW heater could be hooked up in to a 15Amp dedicated power plug which makes this sauna a truly portable sauna that one can take when moving houses.
    Half glass door for sauna
    This sauna is featuring newly designed 1/2 glass door…

    Now the good staff:

    Since we have few on order, we decided to extend our Expo offer to anyone in Australia!

    For two weeks only, you can have it for only $7,490 plus delivery!

    Normal price is $8,990 so you save $1,500 if you order the sauna on or before 21st of March!

    It comes with everything required to enjoy the sauna as soon as you put it together and hook it up to your power:
    • 1/2 glass door with roller catch and handles
    • 2 x benches
    • Cedar air vent
    • 3 x stainless steel rings with rods and couplings
    • 3.0kW sauna heater with genuine Finnish rocks
    • Heater guard-rail
    • Floor duck board
    • Light fitting
    • Sauna base
    • Bucket
    • Ladle
    • Thermometer
    • Towel hooks

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