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    Category: Cedar Sauna Kits

    This standard Ukko Cedar log sauna was picked up from our factory in Sussex Inlet for delivery to regional NSW.
    Ukko Cedar log sauna
    1386 x 1386 sauna test fitted at the factory in Sussex Inlet, NSW
    As a standard it comes with clear glass door in Cedar frame incl. Cedar handles, stainless steel hinges and roller catch.
    Standard Ukko sauna door
    Standard glass door in Cedar frame, handles and roller catch
    We’ve put there 3.5kW Harvia heater with built-in controls and rocks:
    Sauna heater with guard rail
    3.5kW Harvia heater with heater guard rail
    Inside sauna has one wider (490mm) upper bench and one narrower (390mm) lower bench:
    Sauna benches
    Two benches – wider upper and narrower lower benches
    And of course, the sauna has all standard accessories:
    Sauna accessories
    Sauna standard accessories: bucket, ladle, thermometer and light fitting specifically designed for saunas rating for 110 degrees Celsius
    You can read more about this sauna package by clicking here…

    Price start from $7,990

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    We are finally started to put together our Cedar log sauna for display. It’s winter and we are missing our hot rock sauna sessions after hard work. The sauna we are making now is one of our standard size – 1986 x 1686 x 2005mm using solid one section walls out of our popular 130 x 38mm V-shape Cedar panels. This time we’ve decided to make a base and a floor for this sauna:
    Sauna floor base
    Sauna floor base made out of treated construction pine
    Sauna floor is in
    Cedar floor boards are in and the base sauna frame attached.. ready to install the walls & door frame
    We’ve cut all structural timbers to size (corners, wall frames and connecting strips) including wall panels so we can start the actual sauna assembly:
    Sauna walls
    Most of the walls are done and door frame is in
    Our choice is always – traditional sauna door – to keep the heat and get the sauna run 100 plus degrees Celsius!
    We hung the door and attached handles:
    Sauna door
    Last wall is done and the door is hung
    Well, the sauna is not quite finished yet as we are busy with few barrel and log saunas that are scheduled to be test fitted now but managed to finish the door by inserting roller catch. Oh, and almost forgot – we also mounted bench supports (hopefully soon will make the benches):
    Main log sauna structure
    The main sauna structure is ready
    There are still few little things we want to finish like put Cedar lining to cover green timbers on the base and to move it more towards the wall. Obviously, next step would be to put benches in, assemble ceiling and roof pack on top (it is a display sauna), put together heater guard rail and get sparky to connect everything to our factory mains… We’ll keep you posted how we are going.

    You are welcome to visit now and when it’s done even try it out

    (Please don’t forget your swimmers and the towel)

    Want to learn how to assemble Ukko Log Sauna?

    Ukko Cedar Log Sauna
    Ukko Cedar Log Sauna

    Here are step by step instructions on how log sauna is assembled:

    Step 1

    Put together sauna base frame by screwing supplied angle brackets in to the frame set boards:
    Sauna base frame assembly
    Log sauna base frame set assembly

    Step 2

    Assemble walls with supplied wall structural timbers and screws:
    Sauna wall assembly 1
    Put bottom log in to the frame until it fits in properly and attach wall frame timbers to the bottom log with supplied screws
    Sauna wall assembly 2
    Continue with sliding logs in to wall frame. Screw every 3d-4th log in to the frame from both sides.
    Sauna wall assembly 3
    Slide all wall logs to finish the wall.
    Repeat the process for all sauna walls.

    Step 3

    Now it is time to put all the walls together:
    Sauna walls assembly with corners
    Attach walls to sauna corners with supplied hex screws. Insert connecting strips in to the corner grooves.
    Once all the walls and door jamb frame attached you should have your main sauna structure look like this:
    Assembled sauna structure
    Sauna walls put together

    Step 4

    Mount top frame set (similar to sauna base frame set from step 1 except there’s no angle brackets) on top of the sauna and screw them with supplied screws to the walls:
    Sauna top frame set assembly
    Screw top frame set planks on to the walls. Make sure that frames lock properly in to the wall.

    Step 5

    Hang the door. In this case traditional door was ordered (standard door is glass door in Cedar frame):
    Traditional sauna door
    Sauna door attached to the door jamb frame.

    Step 6

    Attach T&G ceiling panels to the top frame set with supplied hex screws:
    Sauna ceiling
    Start with one end of the top sauna frame and continue til the end.

    Step 7

    Now that the main structure is done, install bench supports and place sauna benches on top:
    Sauna bench supports
    Screw upper and lower bench supports to sauna walls on both sides.
    Sauna benches
    Place benches on to the bench supports. Under upper bench screw extra support planks for stability.

    Step 8

    Attach sauna top trims or roof package to finish installation. In this case customer ordered flat under slight angle roof frame to put fiber glass roofing sheets on site:
    Sauna roof package
    Assemble roof package frame on the floor and place it on top of the sauna ceiling boards. Screw frame to the ceiling panels.
    Hang heater & light fitting, mount heater guard rail and place floor duckboard and your sauna is done:
    Sauna top view
    View from the top
    This sauna was completely made in our factory, test fitted and then flat packed for delivery. You can also order materials only package with all the instructions and made it yourself. These packages are on SALE now. Click to read more.

    Ukko Log Sauna
    Ukko Log Sauna with traditional door and round window
    If you remember in one of our Facebook’s updates we’ve showed a sauna for Sydney. Well, now it is installed and we’ve received pictures from the customer:
    Ukko log sauna with digital controls
    This sauna was supplied with remote digital controls
    This sauna was made out of Ukko specially made log profiles (38mm thick) and you can see that every wall was done with no sections.
    ..Very happy with the sauna. Just wanted the colour a bit lighter but it is OK. In one hour and 10 min. control unit temperature was 107. Here are couple of photos. Thanks a lot. Yuri

    If you are after a sauna give us a call on 0425 230 785.