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    Category: Interesting Facts

    With this terrible economy in the news, we are not sure that everybody can afford to purchase one of our products. That got us to a lot of thinking… And after few days of brainstorming with our “in-house” mastermind group, we’ve come up with, what we’ve called, an “Adaptive Payment Plan” idea. This is perfect for those of you who are dreaming to get in to a sauna or a hot tub for a few years now and cannot save enough money to actually go ahead and buy one. This is also good to lock in to our current prices as you know prices are always go up. Adaptive Payment Plan Well, enough talking and let’s get to the plan itself. It is actually pretty simple and straight forward. You can be on your way purchasing a sauna or a hot tub in 5 easy steps: Step 1. Choose your product and all the options, add delivery details Step 2. Calculate the total value incl. delivery Step 3. Pay deposit (anywhere from 10 to 50% or any amount you can afford now) Step 4. Divide the remaining value in to few payments from 6 to 12 months Step 5. Start paying it from the next month That’s it – it is that simple. Here is an example of how this whole thing works: In March, John D. wants to buy a 4 person hot tub and he looks up on our website the model he is interested in. He chooses Xcelsior range, which sells for $7,990. He then wants to have electronic sanitation: Ionizer and Ozonator for an extra $1,690. He lives in Melbourne so delivery fees for this tub are $470. The total for John’s order incl. delivery is $10,150. John has $3,150 to put as a deposit towards purchasing his tub and the remaining balance of $7,000 we divided by 9 months as he wants it to be delivered in December (just in time for Christmas). He agrees that the best date for him to pay is 25th of each month. Starting from 25th of April, John will pay $777.78 towards his order while we are manufacturing his tub to be ready for delivery in December. We are 100% sure that this is a great solution and we are positive that many of you will buy our products using our “Adaptive Payment Plan”.  And with bigger orders we save a few hundred dollars here and there. FREE Delivery Offer So to help you even more with your decision, we went over board and decided to give free delivery to all major cities Australia wide when you place your order by the end of March 2013. Not only you have to choose the amount to pay which is suitable for you and date for delivery, you are actually in fact saving money to go and spend somewhere else! Fill out order button Remember to place your order before the end of March 2013 and get your tub or sauna delivered FREE!

    Hot Tub Wood Fired Heater
    New stainless steel wood fired heaters for Ukko Tubs…
    We are glad to announce that from March 2013, we are starting to supply wood fired heaters for our tubs. If you have plenty of wood in your property, this is the most economical way to heat your tub water. It’s natural, quiet and very simple to operate.

    The heaters will be available in three different sizes:

    • Small heater: 10kW/h; 35000 max. output
    • Medium heater: 16kW/h; 55000 max. output
    • Large heater: 30kW/h; 100000 BTU max. output
    The wood fired tub heater comes complete with temperature gauge, 2m high stainless steel chimney with rain cap and all connections. We also can integrate simple and low cost filtration system to keep the water longer and crystal clear. You may  want some hydrotherapy  jets to come with it? You have it! Send us your inquiry and start your tub project off the ground today.

    Skylift sauna in Lapland, Finland
    Skylift sauna in Lapland, Finland

    Browsing on the internet, we found very interesting sauna – Skylift sauna – the only sauna that built in to a cabin. It goes over 718 meters above the mountains providing breathtaking views of Lapland landscapes – a home of Finnish Santa Claus. This skylift sauna accommodates four people at a time and takes about 20 minutes for a session. Imagine 20 minutes of unforgettable sauna experience over the hills with the scenic view of Lapland. The name of the place is Yllä and the price for such a pleasure starts from 1,000EUR. So if you are ever in Finland save some money for a tour to Lapland and experience skylift sauna session… (From article:

    Skylift sauna in Lapland
    Few more views of the sauna.

    Traditional Finnish sauna VS Infrared cabin
    Traditional VS Infrared
    In Australia controversy reigns regarding the health benefits or otherwise of both traditional hot rock saunas and infra red saunas with one infra red sauna company even promoting its product as “The detox box”. Wikepedia has even become involved and has published an article on the differences between the two. The following is an extract from that article:
    Detoxification controversy A number of mainstream and alternative health doctors promote infrared sauna use for the purpose of  detoxification, via an acceleration of the body’s natural sweat mechanism as well as stimulating circulation. No double-blind studies have demonstrated that infrared sauna use eliminates harmful chemicals from the body.
    The simple facts are that there has been no research which concludes the health benefits or otherwise of either style of sauna.

    So let’s look at the facts that we do know:

    • Firstly, the traditional hot rock sauna promotes sweat by heating the air surrounding the body to typically between 76°C and 93°C while infra red saunas achieve the same result by artificially inducing the sweat with infra red rays which are the same as sunlight minus the ultraviolet but to greater levels than natural sunlight.
    • Secondly, the traditional hot rock sauna has been used for centuries in Europe and some other parts of the globe in one form or another with the only thing changing being the way the rocks are heated.  Infrared saunas were invented as recently as 1965, well after things such as Thalidomide, Agent Orange, Creosote and DDT which were used for decades until eventually banned.
    • Thirdly the only saunas you will find in Finland (the home of sauna) are the traditional hot rock saunas and here they are widely known as a “Natural detox”.
    • The fourth consideration is that a natural hot rock sauna of necessity has to be built from solid toxin free timber whereas infra red saunas are often from very cheap light weight materials which are full of chemicals and from cheap components which are prone to breakdowns.
    This article has obviously been written with a degree of bias but it is a subject which it is impossible to write about without having experienced both, so we leave you to consider the facts and draw your own conclusions.