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Category: Sauna Installations

Finally, I got a chance to import all the pictures from our recent trip to Sutton in NSW. It was a long slow drive with the complete R2017 log sauna kit in the back of the van. Once arrived to the destination, first thing we did was to put all logs aside. This is how sauna looked before installation:
Sauna before installation
After a cup of coffee with the owner of the house we got to work. First two logs are front and back base logs to complete the sauna base:
Front base log
Back base log
Then, we simply connected side logs with front and back base logs together:
Sauna base
Sauna base completed
After that, it is just simple and monotonous job to continue placing and joining all logs together. And of course it is very important to remember that the first front log with round hole must be connected to the base. This is where you mount sauna heater once all the cabin is assembled:
Air intake log
Door space
This is how interlocking logs looks like once joint together:
Another important thing to remember is to put on the left side 4rth layer log with the hole for air ventilation (this one will get it out):
Air vent (out)
Log connection
Sauna half way finished
In the middle of this process we suddenly remembered the rods:
Rod installation
Rod installation
Rod installation
After one and a half hour of ‘hard’ working, we finally put together all the logs and bolted the rods. Now is a perfect time for bench installation starting with bench supports:
Bench supports
Benches installed
Now, comfort package:
Comfort package installed
Perfect time to install the door with lock:
Door installed
Final touch with heater guard and insulated roof and the sauna is ready. All is needed is to connect the heater and the light:
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