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Category: Sauna Installations

This sauna was designed to customer specification with complete Cedar roof package including Cedar shingles, traditional sauna door, bench skirting and backrests.
We were in the market for a quality traditional Finnish hot rock sauna for quite a while. Most of the saunas we saw were infrared cabins which was not what we were looking for and some saunas we looked at on eBay were not built from the preferred timbers with heaters not suitable for the size advertised. We finally found Ukko Saunas. We were impressed by the service and professionalism of Ukko Saunas team. Within few days the plans were drawn and adjusted to our specifications and within few weeks we received our sauna with complete roof package and instructions on how to install it. Not only we received great support during buying process but also during the actual installation. The end result is a beautiful hand crafted Cedar log sauna with everything we wanted.  Thank you Ukko Saunas for such a great product! – Andrei K
Ukko Cedar log sauna with roof package
Ukko 2x2.1m Western Red Cedar Log Sauna with Roof Package
Ukko Cedar log sauna inside view
Ukko Cedar log sauna inside view

2 x 1.5 Ukko Log sauna built from “A” grade Canadian Western Cedar logs was installed outdoor with the roof pack. Greta & Michael – new Ukko Saunas happy customers described their sauna in few simple words:
The sauna is great!!!
Ukko Cedar Log Sauna
Ukko Cedar Log Sauna with roof package
Ukko Log Cedar Sauna From Inside
Ukko Cedar Log Sauna from inside view

Custom built pre-cut Western Red Cedar Ukko sauna with 4.5kW electric heater was installed in to a dedicated 1.5×1.5m room:
Dedicated sauna room with tiles
Sauna room 1.5x1.5m with tiled floor and tile skirting
T&G Cedar sauna logs secretly nailed
Cedar sauna logs secretly nailed on to walls
False sauna ceiling installed at about 2.2m
Sauna ceiling drops to about 2.2m to reduce room volume for the best sauna experience.
Ukko sauna all-glass door fitted
Ukko all-glass sauna door with frame fitted in to the room.
Sauna benches installed
Sauna lower and upper benches installed.
Ukko Cedar custom built pre-cut sauna - ready to use
Ukko Cedar custom built pre-cut log sauna is ready to use.
Ukko Log Sauna completely installed
Ukko custom made pre-cut Cedar log sauna from outside view.
You can build your very own sauna too. If you have any unused space or room which you would like to convert in to a small sauna retreat, simply contact us and Ukko Saunas will be glad to help you with design and supply all the materials and equipment needed along with detailed manuals on how to install it.

This is another example of a custom designed and built sauna to fit in to a very small space. With the help of Ukko Saunas design team and local carpenter this traditional custom built sauna is a perfect fit for its proud owner, Jim C.:
I have used it almost daily since it was finished a few weeks ago. Very happy with the look and how much we got into such a small space. I think the carpenter we used has done a great job of blending the seats with the heater protector. Not a single screw in sight. I was concerned at first that it wouldn’t get hot enough with the window and the glass wall/door. However I can confirm from many personal experiences that it gets to 60-65 degrees C without much trouble and that is more than hot enough for me.
Do It Yourself custom built pre-cut log sauna kit
Jim's custom pre-cut sauna materials kit from the top sauna bench
Ukko Traditional Finnish sauna materials kit from outside of the sauna room
Jim's traditional Cedar log sauna view from outside of the sauna room
Ukko Saunas Do It Yourself floor plan design
Ukko Saunas Do It Yourself floor plan design.
We can help you to design your sauna to exact fit in to any space you might have available. Ukko then supplies all necessary sauna timbers, equipment and accessories so you can built it yourself and save few thousands on labour cost. Simply contact us on a toll free number: 1300 767 944 or drop us a line via email: [email protected] and you will be on the way to enjoy all the benefits that traditional Finnish sauna has to offer.