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    Custom built log sauna in a balcony installed in Sydney

    Custom Made Ukko Log Sauna
    Specially designed 2 x 1.3m log sauna to fit nicely in to a balcony…
    Space available in a balcony was very limited and we’ve been asked to design a sauna where everything will fit properly including lower bench.
    Room before sauna installation
    This is how balcony looked before sauna installation…
    The width of the space the sauna could fit in was only 130cm and available distance for the door to open completely was only a bit over 500mm. Despite the fact that the sauna is 2m long, the door only could go on to the left hand side.
    Ukko log sauna installed
    This is how the balcony looked with the sauna installed…
    Our solution was to mount lower bench (and make it wider so it is very comfortable to sit on) close to the door thus leaving enough space for electric heater with rocks and safety guardrail. This is a perfect ¬†example on how you can utilise available space and still enjoy your sauna… Please contact us to discuss your project.