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    Economy range tub in New Town, NSW

    Ukko Economy Range Cedar Hot Tub
    Ukko economy range tub with custom made stairs
    Due to the space restrictions, this tub is only 1.2m in diameter – the smallest hot tub we’ve ever made… All our economy range tubs are at 925mm overall height and come complete with hand made seats, step down, controller shelf, air jets and 1.0kW heat exchanger. Since it is a stand alone installation, we also made custom stairs from matching Cedar.
    I have used the tub every day since it was installed, and I love every minute. I am very happy indeed. – wrote Katie B. in her email after tub installation.
    Below is the picture of Katie’s 90 year old mom enjoying recently installed Ukko tub:
    Enjoying Ukko Hot Tub
    Enjoying and relaxing in Ukko Cedar hot tub…

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