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    Ensuring The Right Sauna Heater for Your Sauna Room

    While having a sauna is a relatively simple idea there are various items that you will need to look for to make your sauna room work properly. And the most important item is the “heart” of the sauna – sauna heaters. These heaters are needed to make sure the heat in the sauna is consistent right throughout the entire sauna session. You should look at the various sauna heaters that will work with your sauna. The sauna heaters must have adjustable temperature settings that will allow you to set the sauna for a certain temperature to your personal liking so that you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the sauna. All sauna heaters that supplied by Ukko Saunas have this capability. Besides you can also set your heater so that it will turn itself on automatically after certain period of time. By the time you’re back your sauna is heated and ready to enjoy. The amount of heat indicated by the sauna thermometer will make these sauna heaters produce enough heat to turn the water poured on the sauna rocks into a so called “light” mist. There are various types of sauna heaters. Some of them are used for domestic and some for commercial applications. For this particular reason various sauna heaters come in many sizes and types. You will need to look at these heaters to see if you can find one that is compatible with the sauna that you are building. The residential sauna heaters are smaller and ideal for domestic saunas. They normally range from 2.3kW and up to 9.0kW depending on your sauna dimension. Some of them are stainless steel and some are coated. Coated sauna heaters are usually less expensive but exposed to corrosion faster. All Ukko Saunas heaters are made of stainless steel to ensure their long lasting life span. The sauna heaters used in commercial applications such as hotels, exercise gyms, spas, clubs and other places have larger sized sauna heaters. These sauna heaters are usually more powerful and may range from 9.0kW and up to 24kW or more. To find the right heater that suits your sauna, you will have to work out the dimensions of your sauna in cubic meters and the power wattage that your establishment can handle. Ask your supplier what size of sauna heater would be sufficient to heat so many cubic meters. Below are some indications:
    • 3.0kW sauna heater is good for up to 4 cubic meters sauna room
    • 4.5kW sauna heater is good for rooms up to 6 cubic meters
    • 6.0kW sauna heater is good for rooms up to 8 cubic meters
    • 8.0kW sauna heater is good for rooms up to 13 cubic meters
    Furthermore, take in to consideration that for any uninsulated surfaces such as tiles or glass walls, you must add approx 20% to the dimension of your sauna. Also take extra care and give special attention to the sauna room ventilation. All traditional hot rock sauna rooms require good ventilation to operate properly. Always ask if unsure.