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    Finally a solution for everyone – portable hot rock sauna in your backpack.

    Finally it’s here. The sauna that can be taken everywhere.

    Whether you party with friends, camping, fishing or simply setting it up in your backyard, you will enjoy all the benefits of a traditional wood fired sauna. It does get very hot inside.

    Requires no electricity at all. The sauna fits in to a backpack and can be taken anywhere.

    Its special design and material will make you, your family and friends sweat in no time.

    The best part is – it does not cost too much. Now everyone can have it! Priced at $1,990.00 – you simply can’t go wrong!

    Features & Advantages:

    • Light weight – Total weight of a complete sauna set including stove is 17 kg.
    • Portability & Mobility – Sauna fits in to a backpack and can be taken anywhere.
    • Easy to assemble – requires 15-20 min for one person to set up.
    • Heat resistant material – The walls of the sauna are made of 100% special polyester fiber (fireproofed and heat resistant).
    • Patented roof made of water-proof material containing special components for fireproofing.
    • Strong insulation – A unique door handle locks this sauna very tight.
    • Light weight and portable wood fired hot rock stove is made of high-alloy stainless steel material with built-in sparks suppressor that can be used for sauna, heating and cooking.
    • Supplied complete with sauna accessories (bucket, ladle & thermometer)

    What are you waiting for contact us today for more information on 0425 230 785 or email – We are happy to help!

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