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We deliver saunas and hot tubs to any state and city in Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Top 10 reson why choose Ukko Saunas

- We use the best sustainable clear grade Canadian Western Red Cedar timbers for all our saunas and hot tubs.

- We pay attention to details. All saunas and tubs we make are hand finished and test fitted before delivery.

- We can make your sauna or hot tub to your specification.

- We use Australian and European suppliers for all equipment for the best performance and reliability.

- Our saunas and tubs come flat packed and can go literally through any opening to desired location (no need for expensive cranes).

- Our tub staves are wide so all fittings go right through the stave rather than in between like in other tubs.

- Specially designed floor tub profile prevents our spas from leaking making your tub stronger than a solid piece of wood.

- We are experts in what we do and we build a superior product - every sauna or hot tub is made especially for you. 

- Customer support is just click or phone call away. We are always here to help.

- We treat every hot tub or sauna as our own so rest assured you are getting the highest quality available in Australia today.

Looking for a sauna, steam room or a hot tub? Ukko Saunas and Hot Tubs is Australian manufacturer and supplier of traditional Finnish saunas and original Cedar hot tubs.

No matter where you are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or any other place in Australia, we can deliver to your door.

We have everything you need in one place. From sauna and wooden tub accessories, parts and equipment to a complete range of different products. And what's more important is that we are here to help you with every step on your traditional Finnish sauna design and floor plans, steam bath or original Cedar hot tub project.

Thinking about building your own sauna? Visit our recommended readings on sauna constructions.

Barrel Saunas

Barrel Saunas"A" grade clear Canadian Western Red Cedar with special tub profile incorporating ancient art of cooperage. 38mm thick logs and boards, stainless steel straps, rods, adjustable benches!


Ukko Hot Tubs

Cedar Hot TubsUkko Hot Tubs for the best tub experience. Supplied complete with installation manuals...


DIY Saunas

DIY saunasSauna Timbers, Doors, Fittings & Fasteners, Sauna Lights, Sauna Heater, Controls, Rocks and etc. Everything you may need for a complete sauna project - any size & any type of sauna!


Sauna Kits

Sauna KitPre-built Traditional Finnish Sauna Kits. "Do it Yourself" easy to assemble sauna packages complete with heater and accessories. Choose from the smallest 1.2x1.2m sauna kit and up to big family size sauna room!


Precut Saunas

Precut SaunasUtilize an existing room or space in your home for a sauna. Shiplap, V-Joint and T&G panels or logs in different profiles made out of clear grade Canadian Western Red Cedar (WRC), sauna heaters and accessories.


Custom Built Saunas

Custom Built SaunaCustom built your traditional Finnish sauna from start to finish using high quality clear grade Canadian Western Red Cedar panels or logs. We will design your sauna to exactly suite your requirements and specifications!


Sauna Accessories

Sauna AccessoriesFull range of sauna accessories - buckets, ladles, thermometers, sand timers, light fittings, air vents, and more for all your sauna project needs!


Sauna Heaters

Sauna heatersSauna electric with built-in or separate controls heaters and wood fired sauna stoves for any sauna room...