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    Hot Tub Installation

    Note: This is not complete instruction. In order to install your tub you MUST read full installation manual. Installations that are not carried as described in the supplied manuals will result in warranty to be voided.

    Installation Preparations:

    The most important preparation is to read the supplied manual and instructions!

    First layout all the components in your kit and check them against the packing slip. If anything appears to be missing or you cannot identify any parts do not proceed until you have resolved the issue. Location Your hot tub can be located either indoors or outdoors. If locating it indoors bear in mind that while the tub is guaranteed not to leak given correct installation, there will be some leakage during the first week or two while the staves expand to form a full seal, so care must be taken to prevent damage to any floor coverings. The pump, heater and filter should always be located at or below the level of the floor of the hot tub and should be accessible for routine maintenance. You will also need at least 650mm of clear space all around the tub to periodically renew the wood preservative. Stand-Alone Considerations – The stand alone tub presents the least problems with accessibility and the pump, heater and filter are located adjacent to the tub. In this case you will wish to have the foundation pad larger on the side where this equipment will be positioned (approximately 900mm). Custom built enclosures, stairs, shelves and skirting are available from Ukko Tubs. If you are using a custom built enclosure do a test fit first before locating your equipment as the enclosure will dictate the positioning of the skid pad. Built-In Considerations – If the tub will be built into a deck, the pump/control unit is typically placed at a convenient location under the deck. Simply ensure that the pump/heater/filter assembly remains accessible and that you have taken measures to ensure the pump and control unit will remain completely dry when considering rain or spillage. You should do the assembly of the tub first in an open space and be confident you have achieved a good tight fit before you lift the tub into its final position and surround it with deck boards. Also carefully consider how to access plumbing after the deck boards are all in place (i.e., provide working space). If the deck is low, you may need to build a hatch into the deck to allow filter changes. In order that the insulated cover will fit, it is recommended that the base be designed so that the staves remain at least 7.5cm above the deck floor. In this case you will need to devise some system to allow the cover’s tie-down straps to be secured.

    Tub Assembly:

    Ukko Saunas and Tubs will have supplied staves that contain predrilled holes. This applies to the jets, the drain, the skimmer, the ozonator, and the light (if ordered). Using zero for the reference stave which contains holes for the skimmer and suction drain, number outwards in either direction and locate the staves with the predrilled holes in the following positions. This reference stave is placed right over the center floor joint. As far as the jets are concerned, there should always be symmetry left and right.

    Note: that the staves with the predrilled holes for the ozonator and light are only applicable where these options have been selected and can be located to either side of the reference stave.

    Place hot tub base on to concrete slab (or other hard leveled place): Using pencil and one of the staves draw a line inside the base for future reference: Locate the fisrt stave with predrilled holes for skimmer and suction: This stave is your reference stave to start putting together all the other staves (read manual for more detailed information): Below are pictures showing where to place staves with jets… Figure #1 (4 person tub – 4 jets placement): Figure #2 (6-8 jets placements for 6 and 8 person tubs):

    NOTE: For 8 jets add two staves in between the staves numbered “9” on both sides of “0” reference stave to place two more staves with jet holes (these staves numbered “12” at the bottom).

    Carefully slide and rotate each stave into place (the back of the dado needs to touch the floor) and gently tap it into place (against the previous stave), using a block of wood. The staves may lean out somewhat; ignore this. Your goal will be to achieve an initial mating arrangement that has a slight overlap (i.e., the last stave does not fit into the remaining space) so that the first and last stave would need to form a slight V to connect.  Without a slight overlap there will be no mechanism to squeeze the staves together: Starting with either stave #2 insert a stainless steel screw into the outside of every 8th stave. (Read manual for more detailed information). These screws will help support and position the bottom band: Now, with the aid of your helper, move the bottom band into location over the screws and begin turning in the tensioning nuts: Repeat the same for middle and top band. Once hot tub is installed, insert suction, drain and jets in to the predrilled holes:

    Note: LED Light and MOZI ozonator system shown in the picture are available when ordered only.

    Proceed with benching and plumbing. Once done get your electrician to connect spa pack supplied with your tub. That’s it – Enjoy complete relaxation in hot tub!

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