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    Hot Tub idea from Sydney customer

    About a month ago we’ve supplied our 4 person Q-series Cedar tub to Sydney. Guess what? The tub is installed and we’re happy to share few images from project with you (who knows it may inspire you to design your own tub in the near future):
    Tub with stairs
    Specially designed room for tub featuring curved steps and enclosure – all made in matching Cedar.
    Ukko tub with stairs
    Closer look at the tub itself
    Tub stairs
    This is a truly masterpiece – hand made on site tub curved stairs..
    Tub enclosure
    Inviting you to jump in – isn’t it? 🙂
    Well, in case you are wondering who “dressed” our tub and did a great job – here it is:

    Mr. Greg Campbell from Touchwood C/C Pty Ltd in Sydney.

    If you are in Sydney and would like to install your tub by a professional – don’t hesitate to contact Greg on his

    mobile 0439 907 837 or

    email: duskernal(at)

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