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    Hot Tubs

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    For centuries people from all cultures enjoyed the relaxing pleasures and therapeutic benefits of warm water soaking. As early as Greeks we see the evidence of hottubs recreational popularity and heating benefits.

    The age old tradition of wooden cooperage (barrel making), stems back thousands of years, and has long been used to hold liquids including wines and spirits. Cedar and Oak were popular materials due to their natural resilience to decay and their expansive properties when soaked.

    Ukko Tubs featuring new design combines the ancient art of cooperage with the latest technology for the heating, jets and sanitisation. All our tubs are built using timbers imported from Europe or Canada but machined in Australia.

    The original wooden tub allows the user to sit upright, enjoying the full benefit of the jets, which are stronger than in the more common acrylic spas. Unlike acrylic spas and similar tubs that use silicon to be waterproof, Ukko Tubs will last many years, as the seal is achieved using the natural expansion of the timber when wet.

    You have a choice of all different options such as LED mood light that provides a dozen different effects and an electronic sanitation (UV/Ozone) which reduces the chemical usage by more than 80 per cent.

    Our goal is to provide you with services and products that enhance your environment and leisure time. Ukko Saunas and Tubs specializes in timber products with a link to health and leisure. These custom-made hot tubs fit perfectly into a tight space, offering the latest technology and providing the owners with a comfortable way to relax.