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    How to Assemble SALLA series solid log sauna

    Salla series log sauna was recently introduced in to Australia and today we would like to share our experience on how to install this beautifully designed  models. In our example we show you assembly of the SALLA 3  sauna installed outdoor. All other saunas are installed exactly the same way. ‘Salla’ – Solid Log Sectional Saunas for indoor & outdoor installations The first step in every Ukko solid log sauna construction is the ‘base frame’. All Ukko solid log saunas must be installed on a hard surface such as for example concrete slab or well-built pavement. It is  very important to make sure that the place where the sauna being installed is leveled. If not leveled properly, the assembly may be difficult and problematical – e.g. door may not fit or close properly, window may break, ceiling may not fit and so on. Note: You need at least one assistant to help you with installation. In our example we installed SALLA 3 on to a well leveled pavement made of 450x450mm tiles.
    All SALLA models are supplied with 8 grooved elements for the sauna base frame (4) and sauna top frame (4). Connect all sauna base elements as shown on the picture below with screws provided:
    Once the sauna base is installed, you are ready to place sauna walls, window and door using corner logs and connecting elements as shown below:
    Ask your assistant to hold corner log while connecting the walls.
    The corner assembly will now stand unaided – but take care not to push it over during the next stages … Connect the next wall inserting connecting element in to the wall side groove:
    Follow the same procedure for all the remaining walls, door and window sections.
    Note: Sauna Door opens outwards. Window (Salla3, 4 & 5 only) has wooden frets on the outside. Glass door may easily swing open, so have your assistant to keep it under control to avoid damage! Now that all the walls are in place, assemble the ‘Top Frame’ with the metal brackets in the same manner as you did the base one, and place it on top of wall sections. Please ensure that it is bedded onto the tops of all the walls, door and window properly.
    Note: Take an extra care not to dislodge or tip over wall/door/window panels while fitting the top frame. Do not forget to stick insulating foam on to the Top Frame as shown above. Now your sauna is stable and you can proceed with the ceiling installation. With your assistant, carefully lift the ceiling panels onto to position as shown on the picture below:
    Note: Remove protection strip from one of the ceiling element so that both parts can make perfect connection. Make sure both ceiling parts are tightened together and are square in line with the Top Frame. Now drill 5mm dia ‘clearance’ holes (note: through the Ceiling Panels only) and screw the ceiling sections down to the top base with 4,5x80mm screws:
    Note: Drilling the correct size pilot hole is important! The foam insulation should become tight and compressed. Fix top fascia trim panels with 1,7×45 mm nails supplied. Fix door handles and see if the door opens and closes freely. Once your sauna cabin is assembled, you can proceed with bench installation:
    Note: In order to allow ease of cleaning, the benches are not screw-fixed. In bigger models Salla 3, 4 and 5 with L-shaped upper benches, fit one end of the third bench on to the front of the long upper bench by drilling two 8mm holes and bolt them with the bolts supplied. The other end is fitted on to the bench support connected to the window section. Now place back support lower edge appx 250mm above the Upper Bench, or adjust as needed to your preferences:
    Fix Sauna Light in the corner under the benches (about 300mm off the floor). Note: Light should never be fitted above the Heater. All electrical works must be done by certified electrician in your area! Fix Heater (Stove) in to position on the front wall (where three holes are drilled). Please refer to heater manual for more information. Fix Heater/Stove Guard Rails:
    Check distances from heater manual. All heater controls must be accessible. Adjust Guardrail position if necessary. Before placing the stones in to the heater, wash them in clean water. Place the rocks carefully around heater elements (refer to heater manual for more details). Note: Never operate the heater without stones! Now you can place wooden duckboard on the floor (duckboard only required in ‘footfall’ area), hang thermometer on to one of the walls (not above the heater). Installed sauna pictures:
    Since this sauna was installed outside, we put timber sealant to protect it from the weather changes. Fiber-optic roof sheets on top of the sauna ceiling was mounted to protect the sauna from the rain (not supplied with the package).

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