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    Larch Tub Assembly

    Ukko Larch Tub Staves
    Larch staves for Ukko tubs
    We’ve delivered Larch timbers for our hot tubs and started to manufacture few of them now.
    Larch tub floors
    Two tubs in production – test fitting at the factory
    While we are test fitting few tubs, we would like to explain a little bit what’s involved in our tub assembly.

    Step 1: Assemble tub floor

    Depending on the size of the tub – tub floors supplied are in 2, 3 or 4 parts for easy transportation:
    Tub floor assembly
    1.8m dia tub floor – comes in three parts
    All that needs to be done is to connect all parts together and screw supplied joists in to place (marked on the tub floor for you):
    Tub floor connected together
    Tub floor parts connected together with the help of rubber mallet
    Tub floor assembled
    Joists screwed to the tub floor. (Joists positions are clearly marked on the floor for ease of assembly)
    Note: Depending on tub size, there maybe only two joists instead of three.

    Step 2: Attach staves on to the tub floor

    Once your tub is test fitted, we will mark all the staves 1, 2, 3, 4 and son on. This makes it very easy for you – all you have to do is to follow the sequence:
    1st stave attached to the floor
    First stave is in place. There’s a duddo at the bottom of each stave to attach it on to the floor
    Continue with inserting staves until all the staves are in place:
    Attaching tub staves to the floor
    Tub staves attached to the floor almost half way..
    The last stave (we call it filler stave) is pre-made for you and needs to be placed with the small V – moving two neighboring staves on an angle and using rubber mallet get them attached to the floor:
    Filler stave
    Filler stave attached to the floor.
    Since Larch is harder than Cedar you will always have some staves somewhat separated at the top:
    Larch tub staves at the top
    Staves at the top before placing top ring in place
    This will be resolved once you put stainless steel rings and tighten them up.

    Step 3: Tighten bottom and top rings

    Go around the tub and mark 70mm on every 5th or 6th stave (this is the distance where the ring will sit on):
    Bottom ring
    70mm distance from the bottom of the stave to the ring
    While tightening the ring, go around and make sure that the ring is evenly sits at 70mm on the tub staves:
    Tightening rings
    Tightening ring with the help of vise grip
    Note: Tighten bottom ring as much as you can. Since it is against the tub floor, it needs to be as tight as you can turn the nut until you cannot move it any more. Before placing the top ring – use car ratchet-strap to tighten top staves. This would make it easier to insert top band and tighten it up:
    Ratchet strap to tighten top of the tub staves
    Car ratchet strap
    Measure 150mm distance from the top of every 5th or 6th stave (this is where top ring will sit on):
    Top band mearunment
    Measure 150mm from the top of the stave
    Tub assembled
    Assembled tub with rings and all is left is to put benches inside 🙂

    Step 4: Assemble benches

    This step is the same as with Cedar Tub… all you have to do is position bench supports and step down where they have to be:
    Bench supports and step-down
    Position bench supports and step down
    Tub Benches
    Put bench boards on top of the supports and screw everything together

    And that’s it – tub is done!

    Larch tub assembled
    Finished Tub with benches
    Now, all you need is to plumb it up, fill it with water, jump in and enjoy your tub. Call us on 0425 230 785 for more information. Save Save