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    LED lights – Great way to increase your sauna experience!

    LED sauna set
    Wireless Remote Control unit for LED sauna mood light set
    You’ve probably already seen our new LED lighting set from the previous articles. We provided general info and some specs, which, we admit, is a bit boring. This time, we went to one of our installation sites (long trip, don’t ask :)) and made some pictures to share with you:
    LED white colour
    White colour light
    LED green colour
    Green colour light
    LED red colour
    Red colour light
    There are so many variations of the colours you can get that we simply took three that came up good on our iphone 4S camera. You can adjust the speed of changing colours or you can simply choose just one for the session (based on your mood I guess). In any case if you are using your sauna to relax and meditate don’t you think it is a great way to enhance your sauna experience? We designed our backrests so that LED strips are hidden behind them giving you just enough colourful glow. We also supply stand alone wireless touchpad that you can attach to your sauna (in case you don’t want to use the smaller version of it shown above):
    LED RF wall mounted touchpad
    LED RF wall mounted touchpad
    So if you already have a sauna or thinking about ordering one, you can get this LED mood light set for a limited time only


    with 25% off from our RRP price!

    And if you have more questions, simply contact us for more information – we are here to help.