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How to assemble Ukko Cedar Log Sauna

Want to learn how to assemble Ukko Log Sauna?

Ukko Cedar Log Sauna
Ukko Cedar Log Sauna

Here are step by step instructions on how log sauna is assembled:

Step 1

Put together sauna base frame by screwing supplied angle brackets in to the frame set boards:
Sauna base frame assembly
Log sauna base frame set assembly

Step 2

Assemble walls with supplied wall structural timbers and screws:
Sauna wall assembly 1
Put bottom log in to the frame until it fits in properly and attach wall frame timbers to the bottom log with supplied screws
Sauna wall assembly 2
Continue with sliding logs in to wall frame. Screw every 3d-4th log in to the frame from both sides.
Sauna wall assembly 3
Slide all wall logs to finish the wall.
Repeat the process for all sauna walls.

Step 3

Now it is time to put all the walls together:
Sauna walls assembly with corners
Attach walls to sauna corners with supplied hex screws. Insert connecting strips in to the corner grooves.
Once all the walls and door jamb frame attached you should have your main sauna structure look like this:
Assembled sauna structure
Sauna walls put together

Step 4

Mount top frame set (similar to sauna base frame set from step 1 except there’s no angle brackets) on top of the sauna and screw them with supplied screws to the walls:
Sauna top frame set assembly
Screw top frame set planks on to the walls. Make sure that frames lock properly in to the wall.

Step 5

Hang the door. In this case traditional door was ordered (standard door is glass door in Cedar frame):
Traditional sauna door
Sauna door attached to the door jamb frame.

Step 6

Attach T&G ceiling panels to the top frame set with supplied hex screws:
Sauna ceiling
Start with one end of the top sauna frame and continue til the end.

Step 7

Now that the main structure is done, install bench supports and place sauna benches on top:
Sauna bench supports
Screw upper and lower bench supports to sauna walls on both sides.
Sauna benches
Place benches on to the bench supports. Under upper bench screw extra support planks for stability.

Step 8

Attach sauna top trims or roof package to finish installation. In this case customer ordered flat under slight angle roof frame to put fiber glass roofing sheets on site:
Sauna roof package
Assemble roof package frame on the floor and place it on top of the sauna ceiling boards. Screw frame to the ceiling panels.
Hang heater & light fitting, mount heater guard rail and place floor duckboard and your sauna is done:
Sauna top view
View from the top
This sauna was completely made in our factory, test fitted and then flat packed for delivery. You can also order materials only package with all the instructions and made it yourself. These packages are on SALE now. Click to read more.

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