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    Ukko Cedar Log Sauna is ready for Sydney’s customer

    Cedar sauna floor plan
    Cedar Log Sauna 1986×1686 floor plan
    We are finishing log sauna for our Sydney customer this week. The reason why we wanted to show you this particular sauna is that was designed with no sections on the walls like in our other standard models:
    Sauna construction
    Walls are done using long logs instead of breaking them in to 2 smaller sections
    Making sauna
    Walls from another angle
    The sauna also features  our popular traditional timber sauna door with round window:
    Ukko Log Sauna
    Traditional Cedar sauna door with round window
    It is also supplied with 6kW heater using separate digital controls:
    6kW sauna heater
    6kW sauna heater with Cedar guard rail
    Since this sauna will be installed outdoor, we’ve done Cedar enclosure for remote digital controls. This will be mounted outside of the sauna on one of the walls:
    Touchpad Cedar enclosure
    Separate controls with Cedar enclosure
    Sauna Top View
    Sauna top view
    You would wonder how much this sauna costs with all those extras – it is a bit over $12K. It is expensive and for most people would be not an easy decision to order it. On a bright side, we are almost finished designing standard sauna packages for DIY assemblies. By DIY, we literally mean building your own sauna yourself – measuring, cutting and assembling it. We will supply all the materials, equipment and accessories with complete instructions on how to build it. The package designed to be build in 3 full working days.

    If you are a handy man – you can make it!

    As an example, the sauna size as above with standard glass door and electric heater with built-in controls would be offered at $7,990. You will also have a choice not to order sauna heater and /or accessories from us. Those items will be offered as optional, so you can just order sauna cabin with benches and save even more.

    If you are interested in this option, please call us on 0425 230 785 for more information.

    We are giving extra $440 discount for the first 5 customers who in return will give us feedback on where to improve our manuals.

    We are looking forward to seeing you as one of our first customer to build your Ukko sauna yourself.

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