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UKKO 1.5 x 1.5m Traditional Panel Sauna (Corner Unit)

Narva 1.5x1.5m corner sauna

UK1515EC is a corner modification traditional Hot Rock sauna made of T&G Spruce panels and includes everything you need to enjoy your sauna as soon as its installed.

This easy to assemble unit is good for indoor and outdoor installation (as long as it installed under the shed or has cover to protect it from the rain).

The sauna must be mounted on a ready made properly leveled surface (e.g. concrete slab, pavers, deck, tiles and so on).

Sauna Specifications:

Model Depth Width Height Stove Number of Bathers
Lying down & Sitting
N1515C 150cm 150cm 200 4.5kW 0 | 3

What's in the Package:

  • Fully insulated Spruce walls and ceiling with vapor proof material in between T&G paneling.
  • All glass tinted door in bronze colour with handle and roller latch knob.
  • Upper & lower benches made of soft Aspen.
  • Upper back rest support.
  • 4.5kW mini sauna heater with built-in controls and genuine sauna rocks.
  • Heater guard rail.
  • Sauna light (to be installed under the bench).
  • Sauna accessories - bucket, ladle and thermometer.
  • Pine duckboard for the floor.
  • Screws and nails.
  • Installation manual for self assembly.

Sauna Floor Plan:

Sauna Floor Plan