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    Narva 1.5×1.5m Sauna Kit Installed in Brisbane

    Ukko Saunas Kit under Patio
    Ukko Saunas Kit Installed under Patio in Brisbane
    Once again the guys in our design and production department have combined to produce yet another happy customer of Ukko Saunas. Liisa Joensuu, of Brisbane, Qld came to us with a special requirement. The balcony under which she wanted to locate her sauna had a low roof and Liisa didn’t have the budget to accommodate a custom built sauna, so the boys put their heads together and came up with the idea of modifying a kit sauna already in stock to the required height of 1800mm. Nick in production rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Two weeks later the sauna was on it’s way and the result was the glowing faces of Liisas’ family and friends plus the testimonial you see below. Congratulations on your successful project Liisa and we wish you many happy years of sauna use in the future…
    As I promised I am sending you a couple of pictures to prove that we have successfully put the kit together. We decided collectively that it would be better to construct it under my back patio for easier access. My brother (here on holidays from Finland) and brother-in-law built a timber floor for it as the patio floor slants away from the house. As you can see it fits nicely snuggly under the patio roof. The real test came once the sauna was fully functioning. My brother-in-law (who is Finnish also) trialled it and gave the thumbs up. He commented on how it was one of the best saunas he has had the privilege to use. And I agree with him and so do my daughters! I cannot thank you enough Ukko Saunas for a wonderful product! There is nothing better than coming home from a hard day’s work or a hard session at the gym to our sauna. I’ve waited 7 long years to have a sauna again, and I’m glad to say I waited to get my Ukko sauna coz it fantastic! Many friends and relatives had never heard of your company and have been impressed by my sauna. They like the fact that they can put the kit together themselves. Yours gratefully, Liisa Joensuu, Brisbane.
    Ukko Saunas - Sauna Kit inside view
    Ukko Saunas - Sauna Kit inside view