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    New 4 Person Entry Level Hot Tub

    Entry Level 4 Person Hot Tub from Ukko!
    Ukko Tubs together with Davey Pumps have developed  a new concept for an entry level 4 person Hot Tub.  Previously all Hot Tubs had to be hard wired in at the switch board and even the smallest tub required up to 4.5kW but this is not the case with this new model. The new style pump uses a heat exchanger to tap into the unused heat created by the pump motor and comes complete with a controller and 1kW heater.  The combination of the heat exchanger and the much smaller heating element reduces the power needed by over 60%.  Because the conventional controller is replaced by the controller built into the pump, this has also reduced the cost of the overall unit by about $1,000 and yet you can still control the jets, temperature and mood lighting via a convenient touch pad.
    New Pump and Heater in one unit (including control touch pad)
    Ukko Tubs are taking orders now and construction of the new tubs will start in early February.