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    New Arrivals in December 2007

    Ukko Saunas is glad to announce new arrival of specially design SALLA log sauna series in December 2007. These beautiful saunas are using the best selected northern-grown Finnish Spruce – the timber the Finns themselves prefer – and finished in Lagerholm’s very own 38mm solid-log sauna profile. Solid log traditional SALLA models come with unique easy-to-assemble sectional format.

    Avaliable models:

    SALLA 2 (1.5×1.5m) with 4.5 kW stainless steel sauna heater. (Only one left in this consignment)

    SALLA 3 (2×1.5m) with 6.0kW stainless steel sauna heater (only 2 left in this consignment)

    SALLA 4 (2x2m) with 8.0kW stainless steel sauna heater (only 3 left in this consignment)

    SALLA 3 and 4 models come with full-height tinted & double-glazed front window and 3d bench making your sauna benching a perfect L-shape.

    Pre-order today to get advantage of the special prices. We’re doing it because pre-orders helps our cash flow and reduces the cost across the board, so we win and you win, too! We’re passing on those savings to those who help us out. Call us on 0425 230 785 for more information.

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