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    New Chemical FREE 100% natural purifier for all Ukko Tubs

    Clear Choice Chemical FREE sanitizer
    No odors, hot-spring feeling - 100% natural purifier for all Ukko Tubs
    Ukko Saunas and tubs started to supply natural chemical free spa cleaner with all Ukko Tubs. This easy to use alternative to Chlorine/Bromine chemicals has few very important advantages: Clear Choice – It is a healthy alternative to Chlorine or Bromine chemicals – It provides nice hot-spring experience in your tub – Your tub equipment will last longer as there’s much less wear and tear – Ideal for people with different skin conditions – It is easy to use and store than traditional spa chemicals and other toxic spa products Give it a try – go to Clear Choice website and when you ready to order make sure you enter promotion code “UKKO” to enjoy a 10% discount. And if you live in NSW, you can buy directly from us. Just give us a call on TOLL FREE number 1300 767 944 or email to and we’ll be able to help you with your order.  

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