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    New Octagonal Benching for Ukko Tubs

    Octagonal benches
    New design for hot tubs – Octagonal benches
    We are in the process of manufacturing one of our big 2.1m diameter tub and as per customer request to make it even more “spacey”, we’ve come up with new octagonal bench arrangement instead of our standard hexagonal design:
    Hexagonal tub benches
    Hexagonal hot tub bench arrangement
    As you can see, with hexagonal setup there’s less space in the middle of the tub where with octagonal setting there’s plenty of room. This is an option which is available now and cost extra $450 to cover the cost of extra supports and benches. We’ve taken few pictures from the 2.1m diameter tub test fitting in our factory which we are happy to share with you:
    Cutting tub staves
    Cutting staves to 1.2m length…
    Tightening bottom rings
    Tightening bottom ring…
    Tightening middle ring
    Tightening middle ring…
    We don’t put top ring during the test fit since two rings are enough to make final touches to the tub (we do supply 3d ring though 🙂 ):
    Rounding staves tops
    Rounding and leveling staves tops…
    Tub test fit finished
    Tub test fit is done and benches are looking great…
    In case you are wondering why there are so many holes in the tub – those are for jets, skimmer, suction and ozonator assemblies.
    Octagonal benches with step down
    Octagonal benches with step-down – closer shot…