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    “Out-Of-State Display” Program

    So you want to buy a sauna or a hot tub?

    You’ve read the information on our website, looked through the pictures and even contacted us with a few questions. You’re pretty much fell in love with the product and ready to order…But it still doesn’t feel quite right.

    You think – “If I am to invest so much money without seeing the actual product… Yes, pictures are great and everything but what if the sauna or hot tub is not of a high quality as advertized? At the end of the day it’s in a company’s best interest to say all nice things about their product.” So you decided – “I need to see before I buy”

    Believe us, we hear you and know exactly how you feel. There’s nothing more disappointing than having spent a lot of money on a product just to find out that it does not fulfill your expectations when it finally arrives to your door.

    There’s a “small” problem, we don’t have offices around Australia
    being a small business and all.

    So what’s the solution?

    Well, the only way is to get to our factory and have a look at our display models.The big problemwith this option is that it will add up to the final bill on top of the cost of the goods when you order. What if you have to fly from Perth, Darwin or Cairns?

    And this is why we’re so excited to introduce our new
    “Out-Of-State Display” program.

    What if your trip to our factory in St. Marys, Sydney is fully paid? Your flight and train tickets are covered and we even pick you up and drop you off at the train station.

    Would that make a huge difference in your decision?

    We, at Ukko Saunas & Tubs, are so confident that if you are ready to order and just want to have a look, will not be disappointed.

    Now, tell me, which other sauna or tub company will make you such an offer? We did not want to say this but Neringa, our Operations Manager, insisted that we should also pay for the lunch since people are flying from far away and let’s face it we do need to eat.

    Fair enough, you have lunch paid as well while in Sydney!

    Here’s exactly what we cover in our “Out-Of-State Display Program”:

    • Return flight tickets from your location in Australia
    • Train/Bus tickets to and from Airport
    • Complementary lunch/dinner while in Sydney

    And all you have to do is to be ready to order. What’s the risk?

    Think about it… You already love the product, you want it and the only thing which keeps you away from placing an order is to see and touch it.It’s a WIN-WIN for all of us!

    Use this day as your get away time to relax. Not only you get to see a sauna or a hot tub but also have a nice day off.

    Plus you get to discuss face to face with us your project. Bring your thoughts, plans and drawing to talk with us. It’s always better to meet in person than deal over the phone.

    This is how “Out-Of-Stay Display Program” works:

    • You decided to go ahead and place an order for a sauna or a tub and wanted to view it before you buy.
    • You contact us to arrange your time for a visit.
    • You then go ahead and make travel arrangements.
    • After you pay deposit for a tub or a sauna, you’ll forward us invoices for return air tickets, train/bus tickets and your lunch.
    • We then apply your expenses against your order as a discount.

    Expenses covered are:

    • Melbourne, Brisbane – up to $350
    • Adelaide, Hobart – up to $450
    • Perth, Darwin, Cairns – up to $550
    • For any other locations, please check with us first.

    Note: This program is not available for saunas or tubs on specials. You must purchase a sauna or a tub in order to qualify for this offer.Contact us for more information if unsure.