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    Ukko Factory Pre-assembled Tub Pickup

    Ukko Pre-assembled hot tub ready for pickup

    We’ve got few inquiries on how pre-assembled tub is picked up and decided to put few pictures here from recently done hot tub:
    Ukko tub assembled on a pallet
    Tub assembled on a standard 1.2×1.2m pallet with jet line and skimmer/suction lines assemblies
    As seen on the photo above, we’ve assembled tub straight on a pallet and pre-plumb jet/skimmer/suction line assemblies. We than use factory forklift to put the tub in to a customer’s Ute:
    Ukko Tub on Ute
    Tub put on to a car for delivery
    While we are giving option to pre-assemble and pre-plumb your tub at the factory, we are not able to deliver your tub assembled. It is customer’s responsibility to organize suitable transport and deliver tub to site.

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