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    Hot Tubs

    • Cedar Hot Tub Heating Options

      The original Jacuzzis invented in 1969 were heated by electricity and nothing changed until relatively recently. The trend in later days has been to fit more powerful heaters to spas and hot tubs in order to reduce the heat up time. Our standard range of hot tubs comes with a 3.0kW heater which depending upon the ambient temperature and the size of the tub will take about half an hour to raise the temperature of the tub by 1°C with the cover in place. While this may seem like a long time, especially in the middle of winter, bear in mind that once you have the tub at operating temperature, that temperature can be maintained quite easily. The insulating qualities of Western Red Cedar combined with the 99 mm thick cover turns your tub into a virtual thermos flask and the daily sanitization cycle provides sufficient heating to maintain the temperature at or close to your desired setting.
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    • Ukko Heat Pump Cedar Tubs Range

      Cedar hot tub with 1.4kW heat pump producing up to 5.5kW heating capacity. These tubs come complete with modern touchpad controls and air jets. Added benefit of demand cooling during warmer months.
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    • Ukko Gas Heated Cedar Hot Tubs

      These tubs come complete with Natural or Propane Gas heater. Gas heating is one of the fastest ways to heat up your tub. Prices start from $15,990. (Starting price is for 1.4m dia tub. Please allow extra $770 for every next size up.)
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    • Ukko Q-Series Range Cedar Hot Tubs

      These tubs come complete with 3.0kW heater, digital control touchpad, 2 speed pump, filter with cartridge and all plumbing. The main tub advanfage in this configuration is that electrical equipment takes less space. This is ideal solution where space is limitted. Prices start from $12,490. (Price quoted is for 1.4m dia tub. Please add extra $770 for every next size up).
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    • Ukko Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tubs

      These tubs are made out of 1.2m high Cedar staves and supplied complete with wood fired heater, small circulation pump with filter to keep water clear. Air massage jets with stronger pump can be integrated in to the system. Tub with just wood fired heater (no circulation pump and filter) can be supplied too. Tub in this setup must be drained after each use since thermosifon affect is not enough to filter water in the tub.
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    • Ukko Economy Cedar Hot Tubs

      These tubs are made out of 900mm high Western Red Cedar staves and are smaller alternative to our standard 1.2m tubs. They take less water and less time to heat. Price starts from $10,400. You can order this tub in Q-series, Modern, Enviro or Wood fired configuration. Starting price above is for 1.4m dia tub with Q-series electric system. Please allow extra $660 for every size up (e.g. 1.6m dia economy tub with Q-series electric heater would be $11,060). Please contact us for an exact quote if you require tub in other configuration. You can choose between three different sizes as our standard models:
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    • Ukko Cedar Plunge Tubs

      These tubs are specially designed for those people who only want to use tub as a plunge pool. There is no heater, pump, jets, plumbing and filtration to worry about. Great addition to your existing sauna - just dive in to cool down! Note: As a manufacturer, we can make your tub to fit in to your space by simply adding or removing few staves. Please contact us if you require your tub to be of different size.
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    • Hot Tub Project Consideration

      Hot tubs can be installed indoor or outdoor – pretty much the same way as acrylic spas. So careful consideration should be taken in making your decision. Many tub owners choose oudoor usage to enjoy nature and surroundings. Years of experience show the closer the tub is to the house the more often it is to be used. Most of us are unlikely to have a long walk under the rain in a cold weather to jump in to the tub. And if you do decide to have your tub a distance from the house ensure you have a good all-season path to it with maybe a gazebo or a shed above.
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