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    Tub Heating Options

    • Cedar Hot Tub Heating Options

      The original Jacuzzis invented in 1969 were heated by electricity and nothing changed until relatively recently. The trend in later days has been to fit more powerful heaters to spas and hot tubs in order to reduce the heat up time. Our standard range of hot tubs comes with a 3.0kW heater which depending upon the ambient temperature and the size of the tub will take about half an hour to raise the temperature of the tub by 1°C with the cover in place. While this may seem like a long time, especially in the middle of winter, bear in mind that once you have the tub at operating temperature, that temperature can be maintained quite easily. The insulating qualities of Western Red Cedar combined with the 99 mm thick cover turns your tub into a virtual thermos flask and the daily sanitization cycle provides sufficient heating to maintain the temperature at or close to your desired setting.
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