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RORO - 2.5 x 2.0m Spruce Log Sauna

RORO 2.5x2.0m log sauna

Sauna Specifications:

Model Depth Width Height Stove Number of Bathers
Lying down & Sitting
R2520 205cm 243cm 200 8.0kW 3 | 5

What's in the Package:

  • Complete 38mm Solid Log Sauna Cabin with fully Insulated Ceiling.
  • Wooden Sauna Door with safety-glass Window and Roller Latch (all-glass door option).
  • Two full-width Benches finished in selected Aspen.
  • Backrests, Bench skirt, and Headrests - all in selected Aspen (Comfort package option).
  • 8.0 kW electric sauna stove with built-in controls (option for 'Remote Control' with additional features).
  • Stove Guardrail in selected Aspen.
  • A full charge of Genuine Finnish Sauna Stones (20kg).
  • Sauna Light fitting with lampshade (in kit form).
  • Pine Duckboard (comfort package option).
  • Traditional wooden Sauna Bucket with leak-proof Liner.
  • Traditional carved wooden Sauna Ladle.
  • Dial-Type Sauna Thermometer with lens, in wooden case.
  • Screws and nails.
  • Installation Manual.

Optional R2520 comfort package:

R2520 Upper View with comfort package

If you would like to have more features in your sauna, you can order RORO® "comfort package" which include the following optional sauna accessories:

- Back support (approx. 2165 x 255mm)
- Back Support (approx. 1750 x 255mm)
- Bench skirt (approx. 2165 x 255mm)
- Floor duckboard (approx. 425 x 1000mm)
- Headrests (approx. 480 x 300mm)
- Third Bench (approx. 510 x 1280mm)

RORO installations:

Sauna Floor Plan:

Sauna Floor Plan