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    RORO roof package installation

    We put together some pictures and explanation on how to install RORO series roof package for outdoor use. In this example RORO R2520 (2.5x2m) sauna has been installed in Pymble, NSW. Just follow the steps below to properly install the roof. 1. Install the actual RORO sauna as explained in previous article here
    2. Place roof beams and roof bearers as shown on the pictures below:
    3. Insert 2d layer of roof beams and bearers as shown below:
    4. Place fascia boards on top of the roof bearer:
    5. Install middle roof bearer:
    Note: Some minor chiseling might be required in order to properly fit middle bearer. We remove less material rather than more to ensure a tight fit.
    6. Nail fascia boards on both sides and middle bearer to ensure roof stability:
    7. Tamp T&G roof boards with rubber mallet and nail them to the middle and side bearers as shown below:
    8. Place shingles supplied:
    That’s it your sauna is fully installed and ready to be used.

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