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    Sauna with unique mountain views!

    Skylift sauna in Lapland, Finland
    Skylift sauna in Lapland, Finland

    Browsing on the internet, we found very interesting sauna – Skylift sauna – the only sauna that built in to a cabin. It goes over 718 meters above the mountains providing breathtaking views of Lapland landscapes – a home of Finnish Santa Claus. This skylift sauna accommodates four people at a time and takes about 20 minutes for a session. Imagine 20 minutes of unforgettable sauna experience over the hills with the scenic view of Lapland. The name of the place is Yllä and the price for such a pleasure starts from 1,000EUR. So if you are ever in Finland save some money for a tour to Lapland and experience skylift sauna session… (From article:

    Skylift sauna in Lapland
    Few more views of the sauna.