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Ukko - Sauna Air Humidifier

Sauna Heart Air Humidifier

‘Sauna Heart’ is Ukko Saunas way to offer you a gentler Sauna-bathing experience, with longer lasting, less ‘gusty’ steam. It is ideal for more controlled ‘long-lasting’ essence release. It’s fun and easy to enjoy.

The Sauna Heart can be fitted into any of our FINNHEAT or SAWO heaters - and most others, too… very easily!

Sauna Air Humidifier

Air Humidifier Dimentions

  • The ‘water tank’ (the bit that goes in between the elements and stones) measures 185mm high x 50mm diameter
  • The ’steam cup’ is appx 64mm high x 100mm diameter.

Note: ‘Sauna Heart’ fits really nicely into all our ‘FINNHEAT‘ or ‘SAWO‘ ranges of sauna heaters! In the case of other types, we do suggest that you check compatibility with us first - call free on 1300 767 944

Air Humidifier Features:

As desired, the Sauna may be enjoyed with or without the special effect of the Sauna heart - even during the same bathing session!

In general the 100% Genuine Finnish ‘Sauna heart’ forms an integral stainless-steel reservoir embedded in your sauna heater’s stones, surmounted by it’s own unique ceramics chamber, which in turn is filled with special ‘miniature sauna-stones’.

In use, water is simply ladled into the ‘Sauna heart’ evaporating over a period of about 20-30 minutes, gently raising the humidity, and releasing the steam to be enjoyed.

The combinations of temperature, water level, humidity, and essence concentration are almost limitless……. When used at lower temperatures, Sauna heart can provide something of a ‘Turkish Bath‘ experience - at a tiny fraction of the cost of a special steam-room.

The happy little ‘chuckling’ sound makes it rather like the sound of the fire in a traditional wood burning stove - a very relaxing little ‘Sauna heart’ bonus. Like most great products - its pure simplicity is so impressive!


Sauna Air Humidifier