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    Tag: Cedar Hot Tub

    Ukko 2.1m diameter tub
    2.1m diameter Gas heated tub with custom made deck and stairs
    Even chicken love it… 🙂
    This tub was specially designed to be 2.1m diameter and supplied with gas heater, single speed pump for 10 jets and circulation pump for water filtration. It had few leaks initially and it sealed itself in about a week time:
    “Great news. The tub is holding and all leaks seem to have sealed up! … We even had a dip last night despite the bloggy ground around the tub. Gorgeous!”- wrote us Di and Matt, happy owners of Ukko Original Cedar hot tub.
    If you are looking to install spa and you would like to have it made to a specific size, please contact us to discuss what can be done.

    Ukko Cedar Tub
    Ukko tub on the balcony of one of the high-rise apartments in Manly.
    This is one of the examples where access to the actual installation site is very narrow and difficult to enter:
    Narrow access to get the tub to the installation site
    Narrow access to the upper balcony for hot tub installation.
    Not only we had to go through the narrow door but also to use steps 3 more levels up to get to the current location. As you can see from the pictures, you can do all that with Ukko Cedar hot tubs. While setting up the tub, we had a great time admiring breathtaking sights of the ocean:
    Scenic views of the ocean during installation.
    Scenic views of the ocean during tub installation.
    We’ve seen the sun gradually going down while setting up the tub:
    The actual tub installed
    Putting staves together.
    Sunsets while putting rings together.
    20 minutes later when the last ring was put in place.
    The other side of the Cedar tub in the evening.
    10 minutes more while taking one more camera shot from the other side.
    All this time we’ve enjoyed pleasant aroma of the Cedar even with the strong Ocean breeze at the nightfall. End result is installed tub with custom made Cedar stairs, hand made shelves and equipment enclosure to fit in to the exact spot where the owner wanted it to be:
    Custom made stairs
    Custom designed narrow Cedar stairs to fit in to the small space.
    Hand made tub shelves
    Hand made Cedar shelves with all plumbing in place.
    Hot tub equipment enclosure
    Uniquely designed plumbing to accomodate space limitation.
    So, if you are still thinking to get a Ukko tub and worried about space restriction, now is the time to contact us to design the tub for you!

    Order Ukko Tub before Easter & get a Tent Sauna for FREE
    Order Ukko Tub before Easter & get a Tent Sauna for FREE!

    Always wanted to have a Hot Tub and a Sauna?

    This Easter is your lucky one – for the first time Ukko Saunas & Tubs is offering a Tent Sauna that can be taken anywhere with any Cedar tub purchase! So what are you waiting for?  Place your order today and grab a sauna along with your purchase. But hurry we only have few saunas in stock. Note: This offer ends on Friday 22nd of April 2011 and it is not valid with any other offer. Contact us for more information.

    Ukko Original Western Red Cedar Hot Tub
    Ukko Original Western Red Cedar Hot Tub

    For a limited time only we are prepared to cut the height of our tubs by 25% and cut the price by almost 40%. You can own a genuine Ukko Tub built with Grade “A” Clear Western Red Cedar starting at only $4,500 including all equipment and a cover with child proof locks. These tubs are the same height as many of our international competitors offer for higher prices, and as they are manufactured locally there are no duty or import costs to worry about and the GST is already included. All equipment is also of Australian Manufacture and fully guaranteed. This special is an introductory price only and can only be obtained by depositing prior to close of business on the 5th of March 2011. Call now to obtain your obligation free quote.