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Ukko Round Sauna
1.5m long Ukko Barrel sauna with 3.0kW heater
It’s been long two weeks for us since the start of the Brisbane Home Show. We manufactured 4 person tub with enclosure and steps. We made the smallest so far barrel sauna as above. Then we’ve spend until 5 o’clock in the morning packing everything up in to our minivan 5 days before the show. We’ve stopped in Grafton on the way to Brisbane to install 6 person hot tub. The list goes on and on… The great news is that our small round hot rock sauna found its home during the show plus we have few more to make… We never made barrel saunas at 1.5m length before as we thought it would be too small. Well, it turned out we were wrong – this sauna is in demand!
It is quite big inside to fit 2-3 people and does not take too much space from the backyard. Plus 3kW heater could be hooked up in to a 15Amp dedicated power plug which makes this sauna a truly portable sauna that one can take when moving houses.
Half glass door for sauna
This sauna is featuring newly designed 1/2 glass door…

Now the good staff:

Since we have few on order, we decided to extend our Expo offer to anyone in Australia!

For two weeks only, you can have it for only $7,490 plus delivery!

Normal price is $8,990 so you save $1,500 if you order the sauna on or before 21st of March!

It comes with everything required to enjoy the sauna as soon as you put it together and hook it up to your power:
  • 1/2 glass door with roller catch and handles
  • 2 x benches
  • Cedar air vent
  • 3 x stainless steel rings with rods and couplings
  • 3.0kW sauna heater with genuine Finnish rocks
  • Heater guard-rail
  • Floor duck board
  • Light fitting
  • Sauna base
  • Bucket
  • Ladle
  • Thermometer
  • Towel hooks

Not Ready to Buy Yet?

No Problem

Pay ONLY $500 deposit to lock $1,500 discount for the next 3 months!

Contact us for more information…

2.1m diameter tub
One of the biggest Ukko tubs installed in Sydney suburb.
This 2.1m diameter Cedar tub features gas heater that tucked away on the side under the stairs that lead to the upper level of the backyard. 10 strong massage air jets will reduce any painful kink you may have after a long day at work out of your shoulders and the back.
Tub top view
Tub from the top view with insulated cover…
Ukko newly designed octagonal sitting arrangement makes this tub more spacy and ideal for a deep water hydrotherapy exercise.
Our kids love this tub. It is almost impossible to get them out… – commented Damian, a proud owner of Ukko tub, after we asked for the feedback.
Tub with cover
Closer look at the tub with surrounding custom made deck
In addition to the therapeutic benefits that our tubs provide, Damian and his family, will be enjoying deep soaking and immersion even in colder months. Our tubs are over 1m deep providing you nice and comfortable soaking with hot bubbly water right up to your chin. You too can have the same experience especially with our Easter offer running at the moment. Check it out on our website “Specials” page for more information….

Ukko Cedar Tub in Greenwich
Ukko Tub replaced an old over 20 years old tub.
This tub was made to size as a replacement of a very old tub. The diameter of this tub is 1540mm and it is sunk under a small decking enclosure inside the sun room (inside the house):
Tub with enclosure...
Tub inside sun room with custom made enclosure…
This was one of the tightest installations we’ve ever done.
Old tub removal.
Removing old tub…
Tub decking space
Tub removed and a new one is ready to get in…
We also replaced old decking boards with the new Cedar panels and as a result a brand new great looking hot tub and deck:
Tub installed...
Water is boiling and waiting for first bathers to jump in…
This is an Enviro range (gas heated) tub that comes with our newly designed air switch controller with timer to accommodate 2 speed (instead of a single speed) pump and Ozonator:
Tub systems
Electronic sanitation and air switch mounted behind the tub…
The advantage of using a two speed pump is that when on filtration mode, pump is using only 300Watts of power instead of 1.85kW when it is on a high speed. High speed is used only when you want to have tub jets on:
Hot tub controls
Gas tub controls
Raypack gas heater
Raypack gas heater mounted outside the sun room.
Always keep in mind that heater and other equipment shall not be more than 3m away from the tub. And equipment needs to be at the same level as tub suction for the best tub performance. Contact us if you need more information…  

Up and running tub with enclosure
Q-Series Tub made to fit the space…
This tub is 1580mm dia at 1.2m height was supplied and installed with upgraded 4.5kW electric heater and digital controls. Standard 6 person tub is 1.6m diameter and due to the space restrictions we’ve reduced diameter of the tub to fit exact in to its place.
Tub side view
Complete tub with stairs – side view…
Below is tub diagram designed by Ukko Saunas:
Tub drawing
Tub design drawing showing new diameter and equipment…
It was not easy to install but our team got it done despite the tight fit of all the plumbing…
This tub came with chemical free water purifier and electronic sanitazation – Ionizer/Ozonator assemblies to make it true chemical free wooden hot tub. After tub installation, customer’s builder put together full Cedar enclosure to cover all the plumbing and equipment:
Cedar Tub Equipment Enclosure
Custom made Cedar enclosure with steps…
Thanks to Penny and her family, we are sharing here few more pictures of Ukko tub:
Top view of the tub
Working tub with bubbles from the top…
Tub with cover
Tub with child-proofed cover…