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    2.7m Barrel Sauna
    Ukko 2.7m in length Barrel Sauna with overhang and front bench
    This is our top of the range barrel sauna with big window at the back for scenic views.
    Sauna views from inside
    Inside the sauna room – 2 benches, heater and big window…
    This one was built with traditional Cedar sauna door and front seat under overhang. The inside of the sauna is about 2m long giving enough space to comfortably lay down in the sauna (unless you are a basketball player :)).
    Front view of Ukko Barrel Sauna
    Front view of the barrel…
    Inside the sauna we’ve installed our own hand made Cedar lampshade to provide bathers with warm and relaxing atmosphere.
    Sauna lampshade in Western Red Cedar
    Ukko sauna lampshade made out of matching Canadian Cedar.
    Lampshade with fitted light
    Sauna light at work.
    If you are one of sauna enthusiasts and love something different, now is a good time to order your very own barrel sauna…
    Barrel sauna with traditional door
    One more picture of the Barrel from another angle…

    Tub and Sauna at Perth Spa & Pool Expo
    We’ve had a lot of interest in tubs, saunas and chemical free water purifier during our first day. Lots of talking and explaining, we think our tongues will fall of by the end of the day !! Jokes aside, it was extremely successful and exciting day. If anyone is anywhere near Perth this weekend, please come and see us at stand 110. We have show only specials… If not us, there are many other incredible products that you could see.
    2 Person Ukko Cedar Log Sauna on Display (1.4 x 1.3m)

    Ukko Cedar Log Sauna 2042 x 1442mmUkko Cedar traditional log sauna was installed today in Dural (Sydney), NSW. This sauna is one of our standard Cedar saunas (2042 x 1442mm) featuring V-shape profile logs for walls. Even though it’s a standard size, we’ve done some configurations based on customer requirements. The door, for example, was made with the longer window. This sauna was nicely fitted in to a leveled elevated slab. The slab was tiled prior to installation. We’ve also changed the door opening to make it wider and not to interfere with the adjacent bath room. So if you are planning to have a sauna made to your specifications, please, by all means, contact us to discuss your project.

    Better Homes and Gardens Show
    Come and talk to us about your sauna or hot tub project.
    Are you planning to build or install traditional Finnish sauna or original Cedar hot tub and need some tips? Looking for floor design ideas? Thinking of utilizing your room for your own home sauna but need to know how? Get down to Ukko Saunas stand at Better Homes and Gardens LIVE event for all the answers, plus get advantage from our best offers and fabulous show discounts!