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    Tag: Plunge Tub

    Ukko Cedar Plunge Tub
    Cedar Plunge Tub with Stairs
    These tubs are specially designed for those people who only want to use tub as a plunge pool. There is no heater, pump, jets, plumbing or filtration to worry about. Great addition to your existing sauna – just dive in to cool down! These tubs are using narrower staves to keep the cost down. Standard 100cm plunge tub is offered for only $3,900!

    What’s included:

    • Pre-assembled floor with pressure treated joists
    • 38mm thick Cedar Staves @ 1.2m height
    • 3 x 304L grade stainless steel straps with rods and couplings
    • Hand finished Cedar step down
    • Custom made Cedar stairs
    • 99mm thick Marine grade vinyl cover with childproof locks and aluminium support brace
    Note: As a manufacturer, we can make your tub to fit in to your space by simply adding or removing few staves. Please contact us if you require your tub to be of different size.
    Ukko Cedar Plunge Tub
    Plunge Tub with Hand Finished Step Down

    Based on a number of inquiries to manufacture simple plunge tub, we’ve developed a smaller model of hot tub to be used as a round bathtub:
    Ukko Cedar Bath tub
    Ukko Plunge Cedar Tub
    Finish diameter of this bath tub is about one meter with the staves height of 800mm. This Cedar plunge tub supplied with two steps made out of matching Cedar. Interested in this tub? Contact us for more information and pricing. We are happy to help.