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    Tag: Sauna Installations

    This is a custom built sauna using Ukko specially designed log timber profiles. [button_1 text=”Watch Video Below” text_size=”28″ text_color=”#000000″ text_font=”Just Another Hand;google” text_bold=”Y” text_letter_spacing=”0″ subtext_panel=”N” text_shadow_panel=”Y” text_shadow_vertical=”1″ text_shadow_horizontal=”0″ text_shadow_color=”#ffff00″ text_shadow_blur=”0″ styling_width=”40″ styling_height=”13″ styling_border_color=”#000000″ styling_border_size=”1″ styling_border_radius=”6″ styling_border_opacity=”100″ styling_shine=”Y” styling_gradient_start_color=”#ffd800″ styling_gradient_end_color=”#a25907″ drop_shadow_panel=”Y” drop_shadow_vertical=”1″ drop_shadow_horizontal=”0″ drop_shadow_blur=”1″ drop_shadow_spread=”0″ drop_shadow_color=”#000000″ drop_shadow_opacity=”50″ inset_shadow_panel=”Y” inset_shadow_vertical=”0″ inset_shadow_horizontal=”0″ inset_shadow_blur=”0″ inset_shadow_spread=”1″ inset_shadow_color=”#ffff00″ inset_shadow_opacity=”50″ align=”center”/] We’ve designed this sauna to maximize internal sauna space:
    Sauna Floor Plan
    Sauna Floor Plan
    Walls only took 45mm from each side where if framework was installed with insulation and sarking – each wall would require about 80mm plus for each wall.
    Ukko log profile timbers for sauna
    Ukko log profile timbers used in this sauna – more inside space
    Inside finished sauna
    Inside finished sauna

    Ukko Round Sauna
    1.5m long Ukko Barrel sauna with 3.0kW heater
    It’s been long two weeks for us since the start of the Brisbane Home Show. We manufactured 4 person tub with enclosure and steps. We made the smallest so far barrel sauna as above. Then we’ve spend until 5 o’clock in the morning packing everything up in to our minivan 5 days before the show. We’ve stopped in Grafton on the way to Brisbane to install 6 person hot tub. The list goes on and on… The great news is that our small round hot rock sauna found its home during the show plus we have few more to make… We never made barrel saunas at 1.5m length before as we thought it would be too small. Well, it turned out we were wrong – this sauna is in demand!
    It is quite big inside to fit 2-3 people and does not take too much space from the backyard. Plus 3kW heater could be hooked up in to a 15Amp dedicated power plug which makes this sauna a truly portable sauna that one can take when moving houses.
    Half glass door for sauna
    This sauna is featuring newly designed 1/2 glass door…

    Now the good staff:

    Since we have few on order, we decided to extend our Expo offer to anyone in Australia!

    For two weeks only, you can have it for only $7,490 plus delivery!

    Normal price is $8,990 so you save $1,500 if you order the sauna on or before 21st of March!

    It comes with everything required to enjoy the sauna as soon as you put it together and hook it up to your power:
    • 1/2 glass door with roller catch and handles
    • 2 x benches
    • Cedar air vent
    • 3 x stainless steel rings with rods and couplings
    • 3.0kW sauna heater with genuine Finnish rocks
    • Heater guard-rail
    • Floor duck board
    • Light fitting
    • Sauna base
    • Bucket
    • Ladle
    • Thermometer
    • Towel hooks

    Not Ready to Buy Yet?

    No Problem

    Pay ONLY $500 deposit to lock $1,500 discount for the next 3 months!

    Contact us for more information…

    We’ve just came back from Canberra where we’ve installed 1.6m diameter Enviro (gas heated) tub and log sauna.
    Ukko Tub with custom made enclosure and stairs

    Tub is sunk under the deck for about 500mm and overall tub height with joists under the floor is 1240mm. (Deck is still under construction)

    On the left is a side door for plumbing and Ionizer access
    On the left is a side door for plumbing and Ionizer access
    All equipment with Davey gas heater, time switch with integrated AMP plug for 2 speed pump (Hi/Lo and Off/Off switch) and Ozonator was mounted outside the room… This is how it all looked in the earlier design stages that we’ve helped with:
    Tub top view
    Tub top view with step down slightly moved to the side
    Tub front view with custom stairs going up to step down
    Tub front view with custom stairs going up to step down
    And below are the actual stairs built by Ukko Saunas on site:
    Hot tub custom made stairs
    Hot tub Cedar stairs with Aspen boards in front…
    The top boards of the tub enclosure were cut out of European thermo-treated Aspen (15mm thick) which is nicely blended in to the Canadian Western Red Cedar framework. European Aspen is stronger and harder wood comparing to Cedar which makes it a perfect alternative for an enclosure.
    Thermo treated 82x15mm European Aspen Shiplap
    Ukko log sauna was custom built on site in to an existing room with small space for towels and robes.
    Sauna floor plan
    Sauna floor plan designed by Ukko
    This sauna was supplied with 6.0kW SAWO sauna heater with remote digital controls, light fittings, bench skirting, back rests, head rests, bucket ladle, thermometer and sand timer.
    Inside sauna room - upper bench with Cedar bucket...
    Inside sauna room – upper bench with Cedar bucket…
    L-shape upper benches...
    L-shape upper benches…
    Innova Touchpad digital control outside sauna room...
    Innova Touchpad digital control outside sauna room…
    6.0kW wall mounted stainless steel sauna heater with rocks...
    6.0kW wall mounted stainless steel sauna heater with rocks…
    Bench skirting
    Bench skirting
    Bench skirting front
    Bench skirting front with
    sauna lights behind providing nice warm light shading in to the room

    Ukko Barrel Sauna with traditional Cedar door
    Ukko Barrel Sauna with traditional Cedar door
    Last week-end, we’ve delivered and installed 1.8m long Cedar barrel sauna to a small town near Bendigo in Victoria. This unit is featuring traditional door and a 6kW electric heater. Supplied complete with Cedar bucket, Cedar ladle and thermometer.
    … Jason and Jess have just finished… Great job! Thank you very much. – SMSed us Julia, owner of this fine beautiful unit.
    If you are after a sauna, you may consider barrel shape as it looks fantastic and something that only few people have here in Australia! Contact us for pricing and more information.