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    Tag: Tent Saunas

    The sauna that can be taken everywhere.

    Whether you’re parting with friends, camping, fishing or simply setting it up in your backyard, you will enjoy all the benefits of a traditional wood fired sauna. It does get very hot inside.

    It requires no electricity at all and fits in to a convenient carry-bag to be taken anywhere.

    Its special design and material will make you, your family and friends sweat in no time. And the best part is – it does not cost too much. Now you can own one!

    This tent sauna features additional air ventilation, two doors and changing room. Great for family camping or leisure time!

    When your sauna is over, the refractory stainless still mini stove easily turns in to a cooking unit to make your tea, coffee or even your evening meal.

    You can also use this stove to keep you warm at night. It is truly multi functional light weight heater that comes with rocks and chimney.

    The mini stove has a built-in spark suppresser which makes it totally safe to use.

    Full INOX stainless steel body for long life durability.

    Ukko Saunas™ heaters which have the INOX marking are manufactured from refractory high-alloy stainless steel with the chromium content varied from 13% to 18% over the entire steel body. In Stainless Steel an essential component is chromium. The percentage of chromium dictates the quality of the Stainless Steel. A mix of up to 5.5% is standard for Stainless Steel. Over 5.5% is considered to be high-alloy and over 13% is refractory. We only use Stainless Steel with a chromium content of between 13% and 18%.

    What this means in layman’s terms is that the Stainless Steel will maintain it’s structure at temperatures up 750 degrees Celsius or even as high as 900 degrees Celsius, whereas most steel can only go to about 400 degrees Celsius. Typically your heater will have an internal temperature of only about 200 degrees Celsius though this will vary depending on the type of wood, the amount used and several other factors.

    Pre-order this sauna today for just $2,290 including FREE delivery anywhere in Australia! (RRP: $2,490)

    On the first weekend in November, we decided to go ahead and try out our brand new product – The MOBILE TENT SAUNA.  The weather was cool – (perfect timing for a sauna party!!) I brought home two bags (one with the sauna and the other with the mini stove). Since it was our first trial, the sauna tent setup took us about 20 minutes, which I think could be reduced to about 10-15 minutes. Here are the steps required to setup the Ukko Tent Sauna:
    1. Take the tent and the framing rods from the bag. 2. Lay out the tent where you want to set it up:
    3. Separate the framing rod sets from each other. The framing rods come in different colours as shown on the  picture below:
    4. Take one of the “silver” framing rods and connect the tubes together. 5. Insert one end of the rod into one of the bottom tent wall corner pockets. The other end of the rod goes to the connected wall pocket on the same side of the tent (make sure the ends go behind zipper):
    6. Close the zipper over the rod to finish the wall:
    7. Erect the other 3 walls in the same manner. NOTE: Please take extra care when bending the rods. Do not bring the ends closer than 900mm from each other. 8. Take the two gold coloured rods and slide them in between the centered hook on the top of the tent:
    9. Insert all of the ends into the 4 pockets on the top of the walls slightly bending the rods:
    10. Take the red coloured rod and insert both ends into the door zipper pockets as shown below:
    11. Zip the frame up. 12. Take blue rod and insert both ends into the door canvas pockets:
    13. Zip the frame up. 14. Secure the tent with the ropes provided:
    15. The tent bottom flaps can be secured by putting heavy stones or logs on top. 16. Take the mini stove from its bag. 17. Place stove legs as shown on the picture:
    18. Secure the stove legs with the bolts and wing nuts provided:
    19. Once the legs are inserted and secured, place the mini sauna stove inside the tent under the chimney hole. 20. Connect the chimney pipes provided together through the chimney hole:
    21. Place sauna rocks on top of the stove (about 5Kg) and you are ready to use the sauna! Don’t forget to put your camping chairs inside so you can sit in comfort during the session.
    Now, we started the stove with fire wood and it took about 30 minutes to get it up to 90 degrees celcius. We stepped in carefully and it was really hot inside. I also mixed some eucalyptus sauna drops with the water and poured a couple of ladles on to the rocks… The steam filled the tent in an instance. In 5 minutes, all of us were sweating heavily and enjoying the sound of evaporating water! The sauna tent was running until the end of the party (about 4 hours) and I can say that this was the greatest traditional hot rock  sauna experience, we’ve ever had in Australia -:)
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