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This is a custom made size sauna that was installed in a room. The room was slightly bigger than the sauna.
Emty space for the sauna
This is where the sauna has been installed…
In order to fit this log sauna we cut the standard 2042mm long sauna to 2000mm making it a perfect fit for the room. The floor was not properly leveled and the customer ordered Cedar floor package so he could level it to place the sauna on the top:
Sauna floor pack
Custom made floor package for sauna…
Customer also ordered COMBI 6kW heater with digital controls to experience both steam and dry sauna!
6kW COMBI sauna heater
6kW steamer and sauna heater with guard rail.
In order to accommodate bigger COMBI sauna heater, we’ve made adjustment and modified front walls (normally supplied the same size):
Sauna floor plan
Sauna floor plan
Also supplied with this sauna were back rests for upper benches:
Sauna backrests
Sauna backrests attached to the walls for upper benches…
This is how this sauna looks installed with standard glass door in Cedar frame:
Sauna installed
Sauna fully assembled (during factory test fit)…
If you have similar situation such as space available in your house, please contact us to design your sauna.


Many of our customers want Ukko tub or sauna delivered before New Year and it’s becoming very busy in our factory. We are small family business and there’s a limit of what we can manufacture per month 🙁

So here’s our time table till Feb 2015:

  • Orders placed before the 15th of October 2014 will be delivered by the 10th of December
  • Orders placed after the 15th of October 2014 will be delivered by mid February 2015
  • Factory will be closed to public from the 10th of December 2014
  • And reopens on the 9th of February 2015
We are excepting orders for saunas and tubs starting from 5th of January 2015 to be delivered in March 2015. Please contact us via email – [email protected] – for all tub and sauna inquiries.

For the month of September only

we have one Ukko Traditional Cedar barrel sauna

on SALE and ready to go!

RRP for a standard sauna this size (1.5m long x 1.82m in dia) is $8,490. You can have it today ready to go for only


This sauna features traditional curved log sauna door with round window:
Log sauna door
Sauna door made from the same logs used on the front wall to match the grain!

This is an extra $450 but if you buy this sauna now, it’s yours – FREE!

Plus we are giving extra accessories for over $200!

This sauna is done and has been on display last week-end at Bowral’s Home & Garden Show. This means when you order it, it’s ready to go! No need to wait 5-6 weeks!

It could be a great gift for your family member!

Let’s recap what’s included in the offer:

Electric sauna heater
3kW MINI electric sauna heater with built-in controls and guard rail
Sauna Rocks
10Kg of genuine Sauna rocks
Sauna bucket and ladle
Copper bucket & ladle with timber handles
Sauna sand timer
Cedar 15min sand timer
Sauna air humidifier
Sauna Heart” Air Humidifier with essence
Sauna Light
Sauna light fitting with proper IP rating for up to 125 degrees
And of course you will get the sauna itself with sauna base, 2 wide Cedar benches, stainless steel rings, Cedar floor board, all screws and manuals on how to put this sauna together once it’s arrived to your door step. And just in case if you still have doubts, below is a picture of the assembled sauna:
Barrel sauna
Ukko barrel sauna fully assembled! Isn’t she cute? 🙂

So what you are waiting for?

Call us now to buy this sauna

0425 230 785

Note: Special $7,790 price does not include handling and delivery. You are welcome to pick up or contact us for a quote.