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    Tag: Wood heater installation

    Ukko wood fired hot tub
    Wood fired hot tub with 2 speed pump and air jets
    Last week-end we’ve driven to one of the small historic and magnificent places on the border of ACT and NSW – Gundaroo. The reason we came there, as you probably already guessed from the title of this blog, is to install our 4 person tub with wood fired heater.
    Ukko tub jets in work
    Hot Tub pump switched to Hi speed to run the jets with bubbles
    The tub was supplied with our own designed air control box with timer to run a two speed pump instead of usual single speed unit. The main advantage of this system is that when your tub is on filtration (auto mode – on timer), it will run at a lower speed using only about 300Watts of power. You use Hi speed mode only for jets (takes about 1.5kW). And single speed pump is always using 1.5kW for filtration and jets. The house we’ve installed our hot tub in is very Eco efficient and runs on Solar panels so this is an ideal solution for the owners. On the way back, we stopped by the place to start the tub with the owner and see how it all works and make sure we did it right :).
    Wood fired Ukko hot tub on standby...
    Tub is ready to go…
    We filled the tub with water from massive rain water tank that is on the property:
    Filling the tub
    Tub is half way through to be filled with water…
    And the moment of truth – starting the wood fired Cedar hot tub heater:
    Starting wood fired heater
    Nice and warm fire radiating heat in to the tub water
    It was very cold, windy and raining. Water was only about 6 degrees when we started the fire. In about an hour, we’ve got the temperature up to about 10 degrees:
    Water temp is 10 degrees
    Water temperature 10 degrees
    Two more hours, few apple ciders (too bad we did not have vodka :)) and the water went up to 20:
    Water at 20 degrees
    Water is up to 20 degrees
    Then it was time for us to leave and the last we’ve heard from Matt, the owner, it went to 37 when they tried it. One last picture we’ve managed to get on the way back is a beautiful rainbow above the land (which we assumed was a good sign that the tub is working properly and we can go back home):
    Rain cleared up a bit and we saw a rainbow…

    Ukko wood fired sauna 2.5x2m
    Ukko wood fired sauna with wood fired heater and chimney pack
    This custom made Ukko Cedar log sauna was designed for wood fired heater setup. Ken, the customer, specifically asked this sauna to be large enough to fit wood burning heater and 3 benches to form an L-shape on the upper level:
    Ukko sauna floor plan with wood fired stove
    Sauna floor plan
    Due to relatively long distance from the main house and availability of the wood, the owner decided not to use electricity at all. To solve the problem with the light inside the sauna, he decided to use lanterns instead:
    Lantern mounted inside the sauna under the ceiling
    3 lanterns were mounted on each corner of the sauna (except one corner where the heater was installed) to provide a very relaxing light in to the room…
    The shower has been designed and engineered to provide high-flow from its attendant rainwater tank. There is a large concrete basin underneath the deck to drain the water away:
    Attached shower to water tank
    Attached shower to an existing water tank…
    I’m very pleased with the quality of the sauna, the materials and how everything fitted together. – said Ken after sauna installation…
    We thank Ken for his input and ideas on how to improve our product and sending us all those pictures.
    Wood fired heater with protective shield
    Wood fired sauna stove with protective shield and floor bedding

    Wood fired sauna heater
    Wood fired sauna stove with protective shield and floor bedding
    If you have space and are looking for the best sauna experience then wood fired sauna is for you. So what is involved in wood fired sauna stove installation? Well, since wood fired heater does not have thermostat, you can imagine that the stove gets very hot during sauna session and that’s why it requires more space around it not to set an entire structure on fire. To have a general idea on the space required in a sauna room with wooden walls, please look at the diagram below:
    Minimum distances for wood fired sauna with wooden walls
    Minimum distances for wood fired sauna with wooden walls
    As you can see minimum distance is 500mm around the stove. And what if you would like to have wood burning sauna but do not want to built huge sauna for it? We at Ukko Saunas have a solution to that problem – we can supply specially designed protective shield for your sauna stove:
    Wood fired heater protective shield
    Minimum distances for wood fired heater with protective shield
    This little enclosure reduces the space required for wood heater installation by 450mm around it! And if you are planning to install your heater on to a tiled or timber floor, we can supply stainless steel floor bedding to complete your sauna setup:
    Wood fired heater floor bedding
    Ukko floor bedding for wood fired sauna stove
    Few final touches required to finalize your sauna heater installation – chimney pipes and chimney cap. We now supply stainless steel chimneys, extra pipes and all accessories to fit in to our Cedar sauna range:
    Complete chimney accessory pack
    Complete chimney accessory pack for Ukko Saunas
    As you can see wood fired sauna stove installation involves much more and on top of that you have to allow extra budget for certified plumber to mount all the pipes for you. But considering that power cost is rising almost every quarter, your return on initial money investment will be well paid up within a year or two (depending how often you use your sauna). You can learn more about our heater models and other accessories by following links below: And you are always welcome to contact us for pricing and more information.