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Ukko Cedar Log Sauna 2x1.8m

“We are very pleased with the quality of the sauna, and installation was a breeze, I even installed it on my own.

I have now got three phase electric hooked up and the sauna is amazing, we have only got the thermostat half way and the temp is circulating at 85 dgrs. This an amazing product, and I’m sure we’re going to enjoy it for years..

Thanks again for your amazing product” – Adrian J.

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Ukko Cedar Log Sauna 2x1.5m

"We are very happy with our sauna, my husband has build a nice roof and deck, the sauna looks perfect in our backyard.

- Steffen and Ramona M."

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Ukko Narva 1.5x1.5m Corner Sauna

"Here are the pictures of our finished Finnish Sauna! Our electrician finished the installation yesterday and I was in the sauna yesterday afternoon. It was magnificent, to say the least. Tonight, after our son went to bed, both Steve and I had our first sauna together since 2003! Won’t ever have to wait that long again…

We couldn’t be happier with our sauna and I can feel the benefits already in my damaged shoulder and neck – reduced pain and tension from chronic pain. If anyone thinks this is a luxury, maybe it is, but to us it will now be a way of life we love.

- Naomi and Steve A."

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Ukko Log Sauna 2.1x2m with roof

"We were in the market for a quality traditional Finnish hot rock sauna for quite a while. Most of the saunas we saw were infrared cabins which was not what we were looking for and some saunas we looked at on eBay were not built from the preferred timbers with heaters not suitable for the size advertised.

We finally found Ukko Saunas. We were impressed by the service and professionalism of Ukko Saunas team. Within few days the plans were drawn and adjusted to our specifications and within few weeks we received our sauna with complete roof package and instructions on how to install it.

Not only we received great support during buying process but also during the actual installation. The end result is a beautiful hand crafted Cedar log sauna with everything we wanted.  Thank you Ukko Saunas for such a great product!

- Andrei K."

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Ukko Ofuro Bathtub

"As promised, I’ve attached a couple of photos of the OFURO up and running. It’s fantastic! We’re very happy with it.

- Cliff"



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