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    The biggest Ukko Tub installed in Macleod, VIC

    Ukko 2.1m diameter tub
    2.1m diameter Gas heated tub with custom made deck and stairs
    Even chicken love it… 🙂
    This tub was specially designed to be 2.1m diameter and supplied with gas heater, single speed pump for 10 jets and circulation pump for water filtration. It had few leaks initially and it sealed itself in about a week time:
    “Great news. The tub is holding and all leaks seem to have sealed up! … We even had a dip last night despite the bloggy ground around the tub. Gorgeous!”- wrote us Di and Matt, happy owners of Ukko Original Cedar hot tub.
    If you are looking to install spa and you would like to have it made to a specific size, please contact us to discuss what can be done.